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I have sent numerous emails to Leaf Guard of Maryland and Northern Virginia, regarding our problems with their gutters after they were installed. Their suggestion was for us to go to our insurance company and file a claim and he would pay one-third of our deductible. Why would I want to go through my insurance company and end up paying more money for both the deductible and a higher home owner's rate, or be dropped altogether due to their poor workmanship?

I did not have any leaks in my screened-in porch or in my house until after the gutters were installed. They are blaming it on everything else but the gutters. They have been back twice to correct some of their installation mistakes but have yet to be honest about the problems.

I have since had a contractor come in and fix their mistakes. They are bulking at giving me any reimbursement for the fix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

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The 2nd time the gutters fell in a snow Leafguard told us to file an insurance claim & hung up. More $$$ in their pocket.

Leafguard screwed their gutters into the fascia board (not the truss tails as agreed). The gutters came off in the snow and in some parts sections of the fascia boards w/it. Leafguard said, if your house fell is it LG's fault? I said YES.

We gave LG an example - IE; It's like we hire a contractor to hang a huge heavy mirror on our wall, the stud is missed, the drywall gives way and the mirror falls.

It is the contractors fault for failing to hook their product to a structural part of the building to handle conditions present, in our case it is snow weight. LG hung up.


Hi darragsa,

I'm the General Manager of LeafGuard of Maryland and Northern Virginia. I'm glad upon receipt of your email we were able to resolve this situation to your satisfaction.

At LeafGuard, the complete satisfaction of our valued customers is our utmost concern. We value our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. We are not satisfied until you are. Please feel free to contact me directly should you need anything else at any time!

Best Regards,

Bob Wisner

General Manager

LeafGuard of Maryland and Northern Virginia



:) We have now resolved our problems with Leafguard. Thank you!