Herndon, Virginia

I have sent numerous emails to Leaf Guard of Maryland and Northern Virginia, regarding problems with the Leaf Guard gutters after they were installed on my home. Their suggestion was to go to my insurance company and file a claim and they would pay one-third of my deductible.

Why would I want to go through my insurance company and end up paying more money for both the deductible and a higher home owner's rate, or be dropped altogether?

All I wanted was for Leaf Guard to reimburse me for getting my house fixed after they had installed their gutters incorrectly.

I did not have any leaks in my screened-in porch or in my house until after the gutters were installed. This is one company you want to stay clear of.

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Can i have your name and phone number and i will have someone contact you.


i will contact the leafguard dealer in Maryland and have them call you.