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everything the salesman said was totally different then the installer, they didn't follow the bid, they leaked in a corner, all i ever get was excuses why they didn't show up. i finally had them scheduled on a saturday and they never showed up.

all i got from leafguard northwest was "really sorry". now the general manager calls to fix things and now he is going back on his word. i have filed plenty of complaints. will continue to file complaints, since i can't afford an attorney.

i was treated terribly. their company is a joke and a half

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I would tend to agree with the #4 responder...a lot of these 'complaints' sound kind of the same. I just installed my own gutters on a rental unit I own; cost me about $400 for all materials from Jerrys in Eugene and took me 2 days to install.

Single story house. Needed to get them done after I got my new roof put on and I didn't want to pay retail. Glad its done.

I am of the mindset that I will do a job the first time myself and then gauge whether or not paying for the service is necessary. Depending on the cost, Leafguard might be worth it but I've heard nothing but good things about the company from other rental owners.