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We had the leaf guard gutters, the genuine article, installed on our house, and while they haven't clogged yet, just as much water runs off the front of them as goes down them. We have a drip ridge on the ground around our house now.

Maybe they should come with a french drain system too.

When they were installed, the installer scratched every piece, so they had to redo the complete job. Also ruined the flashing we just had installed where we have a bump-out section on the front of the house. I didn't realize they had done that until I noticed rot where the water is now running down and behind trim boards. Will have to repair due to inferior installation of gutters.

After dealing with the company in Mankato MN that installed and scratched first set, I'll just fix the rot myself.

Not worth the hassle dealing with them again,and corp not willing to listen or help. I would not recommend this system to anyone at this point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

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Yes. A a large drip line from water coming over the edge of the gutters. No response from manager.


I thought I was lucky to buy a house with Leafguard already installed, but I found out I wasn't. They overflow every time there is a hard rain and the icicles are unbelievable.

I cleaned the entrance to the downspouts myself and although it helped some, they can't handle the real rain no matter what.

I am considering removing them and returning to conventional gutters with some screening. Can't believe I said that.


Had Leafguard gutters installed October 2011, to replace our do-it-yourself open style. We had ice ridges in the winter where we never had any before.

We have splash marks on our doors, window & house-the problem, we wanted corrected with the gutters. We have very few trees and no pine needle problems, so that was never a concern. Contacted the installer, they said there are no problems with gutters, they would replace with open top, seamless at our expense. Do not buy Leafguard gutters, without reading the complaints on the internet.

Ours are exactly the same.

Splashing, icing, no service and denial the product is a failure. From Hudson, WI.


I just had leafguard installed for $12000.oo not 1200 and the water runs right over the top just like they said.


I have the Leaf Guard system (the one with the squirrel next to the logo). I have had it for 5 years and live in a very leafy area, with lots of oak and maple trees over my house.

This system is great. It is one piece.

It has never clogged. And the oversize downspouts handle every drop of rain and snow.


Yes, Gregg you are correct. What I have are leafaway.

But, other than that, the rest of my story remains true. My front steps look years beyond their age from all the water running down on them, and ice...

could train an olympic skater on it there is so much. No help from the dealer either.

Sorry about the brand confusion, but I have to wonder just what's different from the leafguard and my leafaway?


I agree I am from your area and I too know there is no Leafguard in Mankato, so before you go public with your complaints please be informed enough to complain about the company that really did work on your house. That would be LeafAway


no, actually it is leafguard..half of the water flows in the gutter and half the water flows over...I have the same problem.


Sorry to hear your problems, though I think you are mistaking what you have. There is no LeafGuard of Mankato, MN.

What you probably have on your house is a product called Leafaway?

I hear complaints about that product all of the time. Many many impostures to the actual LeafGuard Gutter System.