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My townhome has flat roof and sloped roof. I wanted to get new gutter at the shingles roof area which has a pitch. The salesman checked my home and recommended me to get leaf guard gutter to replace the traditional gutter at the shingles roof and flat roof area. He told me it would work better, no leave get in the gutter, water will flow better. Although the gutter at the flat roof had no problem, I listened to him. He told me it only took 4 hours to finish the installation.

2 workers installed leaf guard gutter at the flat roof area first and did not finish the installation in one day. i found there is a gap between the flat roof and the leaf guard gutter. i called the project manager and asked him how is he going to fix the gap. He told me he will use good sealant to close the gap. If it leak in the future, i can call them to put more sealant to cover the gap. That mean i will need to take some days off and wait for them to fix the leak problem in the future. it does not make sense to me. i called leafguard headquarter and asked can i use leaf guard gutter if my house has flat roof. The answer is no, Leaf Guard is useful for the roof that has a pitch. Flat roof should use traditional gutter. i am very upset. Their contactor mess up my flat roof flashing to install a useless gutter for me. I asked their project manager to take leaf guard gutter down, install traditional gutter back to the flat roof area and fix the roof. Their contractor asked me to pay them to fix the problem. The problem is caused by them. I do not trust that contractor.

I ended up paying my roofer to reinstall traditional gutter and fix the flashing. i also took 4 days off. I complaint to Leafguard headquater, they told me they have no control on the money, they just sell their leafguard material to the contractor. They will report the complaint to the VP. NO GM or VP call me. I try to get a refund on the deposit.

Conclusion is contractor just want to sell, install, take your money and go. They do not care if it will cause leak or roof problem to their customer. Leaf guard keeps leaf out, look nice, but does not have a good function of a gutter. i saw most of the rain can not flow into the gutter. Rain goes over the gutter and pouring into the ground. I do not want people make a wrong decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1610.

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