I purchased a home in which leaf guard was installed. The previous owner obviously had money to burn, and could not be bothered to research the product.

I would never buy such an expensive product without thorough research.

It simply does not work, the concept is unsound even when properly installed. In my case shoddy workmanship aggravated the situation. Their lifetime warranty is a joke. They do not repair the broken and clogged gutter, and wriggle out of any responsibility.

If you decide to install it, expect to have to service and maintain it yourself. Chances are that you will end up ripping it out and replacing it with a gutter that works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Repair.

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I am 72 years old and have had leaf, trash/gutter problems for years. The best solution I have was by a group that installed 5" wide gutters and topped them with stainless steel mesh that was well secured to both the roof and the edge of the gutter (screws).

We are in a tree area with lot of leaves. This system has been a winner.

You are welcome to look at it. fredolenick@sbcglobal.net

The price was very reasonable--50% less than leaf guard!


Not sure what LeafGuard dealer you are referring to; however, the BELDON Group of Companies stands behind our workmanship and our products. Our family business is in our 68th year of business, and we'd only survive this long if we understood how to take care of the customer. If your installation was from one of our locations, please contact us at 800-688-7663 and we will look into the matter ASAP.

Brad Beldon

President & CEO


Mr. Beldon,

My experience with you as you well know has been quite different, with respect to our year and a half long saga in which you’ve continuously sided with your Minuteman Leafguard branch no matter how many inconsistencies and relevant information I provide that would allow a CEO who “stands behind our workmanship and our products.

Our family business is in our 68th year of business, and we'd only survive this long if we understood how to take care of the customer.” to access a situation fully and make a customer service based decision.

This is from your email on August 6, 2013, “It appears that our recollection of the facts are different than yours” – Brad Beldon CEO in reference to me reaching out about many issues that we were having with his Minuteman Leafguard branch.

Mr. Beldon, there is a lot of accuracy to that, unfortunately it doesn’t shed a good light on your Minuteman LeafGuard operation or give much validity to what you are saying above.

Here are a few examples of just how accurate that statement is:

Our email to the Minuteman LeafGuard management: An email on June 20th was as follows: “The back deck is a case of poor water management. The upper gutter should have been pitched the opposite direction and a downspout should connect below. That way it will send most of the water into the downspout pushing water the farthest away from the house (For the record, Heather suggested this approach to your crew who brushed her off).

Right now it is sending too much water to a downspout right next to the foundation. There are spots where the gutter is actually on the drip edge and not below it. Water is getting behind the gutters in these spots. THIS is why the gutters are not flush.

Seams and corners are dripping in multiple locations. Corners pulling away from house in a couple locations. Water is getting behind in these spots. Short runs have 3/4 inch pitch where only 1/4 inch is necessary, makes it look sloppy.

Exposed Azek on short runs where gutter could have started flush with bottom to both ensure catching water off of the drip edge and a better aesthetic look in many locations. Valley corners not dealt with correctly which is causing divots in the lawn/mulch from runoff in at least 3 locations.” We sent this after they sent 2 different crews to try 2 different installations and installation crews ultimately visited our home 6 times! I've also made Mr.

Beldon aware on more than one occasion that the company that followed them spent one day at our home and we have had no issues. Minuteman LeafGuard’s recollection of events to the BBB in 2014: The customers are “Difficult to satisfy” End Part 1


Part 2:

This is also from the June 20th, 2013 email from the Minuteman LeafGuard Operations manager:

“ I am not able to have a check for the pavement work. This will either need to be done after payment for the gutters or removed from the final price." and "Part of our contracts states that payment is to be made in full after substantial completion.

In this case we have replaced the entire system and have not collected the balance. We have agreed to pay for the repairs to the driveway which is the best I am authorized to do. “

This is another part of our June 20th, 2013 response:

“I would rather have no gutters than these gutters” and “To end this six months of ***, I suggest you pay for the driveway and return my deposit and I will take responsibility to pay for the removal of the gutters, and repair of the fascia. I will leave the gutters at the end of the driveway if you want them.

Otherwise, I will dispose of them.

This is Minuteman LeafGuard’s recollection of events to the BBB in 2014: “Furthermore, in the interest of customer service, Minuteman installed a completely different gutter system, along with accomplishing some other work for the customer, that totaled approximately $3,500-$4,000. This was all done at no cost to the customer.” I could continue, but the point has been made. As CEO, these should have served as some examples that you may need to revisit this.

Instead of being Chief Executive you became Chief Enabler and this particular office went from 0 BBB complaints in 3 years to 5 complaints in less than a year after your email was sent to me. The General Manager of this office was included on that email. In the same August 6, 2013 email Mr. Beldon stated: “I've been gathering information on your home since yesterday to ensure that I properly understood the situation.

“ I’ve been providing him with more and more facts and his position has not changed. He has never made an effort to gather my facts only Minuteman LeafGuard’s. I have offered many facts that are relevant to accessing the entire situation, including the fact that we have a severely disabled child and we run a charitable foundation in our spare time for no financial benefit and it has all fallen on deaf ears. If this statement by Brad Beldon is indeed true: “however, the BELDON Group of Companies stands behind our workmanship and our products.

Our family business is in our 68th year of business, and we'd only survive this long if we understood how to take care of the customer.” , then this is all relevant information in accessing character and making sure that you properly understand the situation and understanding why we were so trusting of people who are ultimately his employees. Instead, we are faced with no option but to settle our issues in court.

We will be doing so with a major charity event 2 days later and a major surgery for our son 5 days later and yet that too has seemed to have fallen on deaf ears in accessing the situation. Regards, EAP


Your company is a leech that sucks the money from poor uneducated homeowners. Leafguard gutters do not work.

You require your Installers to do service calls for free. You run a sales department that can convince a homeowner that their house will fall down if they don't buy leafguard gutters. You have become rich preying on the uneducated.

I hope every homeowner comes to their senses, and sues the *** out of your horrible company.