Atlanta, Georgia

I have leaf guard and they do not work. I replaced some of my gutters because the leaf guard ones simply allow water to roll over them and onto the walkways, deck, etc.

Total waste of money. If you don't want your gutters to collect leafs, just don't have anything at all as Leaf Guard is about the same.

If you really have to buy these, make sure they tell you how the corner gutters are going to work. Also ask them about how they change colors to the share of your shingles. They don't rust, just look like *** after a year or so.

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Ed Schmelzer, the salesman with LeafGuard NW in Tigard, Oregon, promised us a full refund if we didn't like the product. No questions asked.

The day they installed the gutters I called to complain. They placed industrial sized downspouts right in front of 2 picture windows. They completely destroyed the aesthetics of our home. They also left sharp metal objects & glue strewn all over the yard & roof. We have animals so this concerned me greatly.

They said they'd move the gutters. My husband flew in from LA where he was working but Ed never showed up. The 2 workers didn't know what to do to solve the problem so left. Today, a week later, I notice a long piece of sharp metal hanging down from the roof in front of our living room window!

After numerous unanswered calls and e-mails, the company calls & tells me they will not honor Ed's promise of a full refund. So it's clear this Ed Schmeltzer lied to us to steal $20,000.00 from us! Needless to say we want our promised refund.

If they damaged the roof, we want compensation for that as well. If LeafGuard doesn't stand behind its promises we'll have no choice but to contact the Attorney General.


The complaints answered my questions........I'm not getting a leaf guard system.............typical "too good to be true"!!


As A former Installer of LeafGuard here in the mid-west, that 1/4 lip on the back is the top of gutter. You put that lip to the bottom of the shingle's, and every 10' you drop gutter 1/4 of an inch(keeping one end high) you then measure the distance from the bottom of shingle's to the top of hood.You then make the flashing that covers that 1/4 at the top to the remanding distance at other end , You the take zip screws that are self tapping screws about 1/4 inch long, that only penetrate the flashing and the 1/4inch lip at top of gutter.

The problem I seen, is when they tuck under the shingle's they either rip, or crumble. Water will and can find its way in. The ice Problems can be many things, Water can freeze on top of the hood making the water sliding off unable to go in the trough. Other is Any imperfection's such as, dents from hail or branches.

Or vents on your roof with soffit vents if you can.

That helps the melting at the gutter line to minimize the ice. And At the very least call them and ask if the trough is pulled out far enough, sometimes they don't stick far enough out to catch the water from hood.


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