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For any homeowner considering maintenance free gutters, scratch Leaf Guard right off your list. This is a company who is very proud of their product and who charge a premium for it. Their product is the surface tension type guttering that collects water but keeps leaves out. Although the product has some merit, Leaf Guard as a company is one of the worst I have ever dealt with.

Their installers are utterly clueless and the workmanship is some of the worst I have ever seen. No response on trouble calls, it's like they cut you loose as soon as they cash the check. Customer service is terrible and the installation on my house is systematically destroying my outside screen area. I will have to have the gutters taken down to fix what they have done before my screen room is ruined. Oh, by the way, if you so much as touch the gutters, you void the warranty. Good deal huh? Leave the customer to fend for himself, then void the warranty because the customer did the work himself because you wouldn't respond to any requests.

This is a company to avoid at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Leaf Guard sucks ! They cost a lot and are small and

like a tin can. My Leaf Guards got clogged for what ever reason

with the shingle bits. It got so heavy it took down the wood holing the gutters. Leaf Guard does not return calls at all levels. This company is a scam at ALL levels. RUN , RUN. They charged me $4,200 to my roof. I can get bigger gutters for


They will not return calls at ALL LEVELS.


The product is okay but the typical high-pressured 90 minute sales presentation is really annoying. Its one of those "this price is only good for today" and when you hesitate about the rip-off price (around $40 to $50 per foot) the sales rep gets on the phone with the manager to get "approval" to give you an extra discount if you buy today.

Their sales reps are not allowed to negotiate on their own apparently. When I told the sales rep that I was getting a couple other prices on competitive products and asked him to leave me a copy of his proposal, he then informed me that it was LeafGuard's company policy not to leave a copy with the customer.

Apparently they are afraid of competitors seeing there prices. Bottom line is that the product is okay, you can negotiate (they expect it), but the company is a little shady in their business practices.


how much money they have to pay for the good housekeeping stamp of approval?I had them and the overflowed like mad every rain storm. they wouldnt stand behind their product.

so i had them torn off and installed a normal 5" gutter..worked like a charm..BUYER BEWARE. these gutters cannot handle significant water volume


They might work ok if it is drizzling out, but a heavy rain, forget it. The water will just fly right over them. Useless, don't even consider buying this junk.


For all you on here blaming LeafGuard for your icicle and ice damming problems, why not go on the internet and find out the real reason you are experiencing these problems. It has nothing to do with LeafGuard - it's your roof and soffit system - also known as


All the icicles you now see on the exterior of your LeafGuard were not noticable before because they were ice formed inside your standard gutters.

Oh yeah, to happy ex-employee I would hardly call hanging gutters "hard labor". Go work for a waterproofing company and you'll find out what hard labor really is.


Is there a lawyer in the house that can initiate a class action lawsuit against Leafguard and all of its franchisees? The gutters are horrible and overpriced. In the winter the ice damming and icicle production are extremely bad and damaging.


Arranged a meeting for a quote, only to have it changed to an earlier time. Then we were called and told the rep.

would be late! After a meeting of several hours where the rep. chose not to climb on the roof of our one-story home because he "didn't want to get his ladder out," he sat down for a quote. During the demonstration of the product, he happened to mention that his company doesn't "call to reschedule appointments" like some inferior companies do!

How did he come up with the price of a little under $50 a foot? When we finally agreed on cutting the order in 1/2 to lower it to something affordable, the papers to sign for the "12 months, no interest loan at Wells Fargo Bank" were not available in the rep's car!

He said he would call and come back the next day (Saturday), but we never heard a word from him again. Now we are happily going to tell him we are not interested in his product - especially after reading the other reviews about ice buildup problems!


BAD is not the word for my experience with my two month old Leaf Guard gutter system - AWFUL is more appropriate. They should forewarn people of the possible ice hazzard build up on their gutters that come down as -long- heavy thick ice bricks destroying everything in their path.

Contemplating a civil law suit !!!


I Worked for LeafGuard and I saw alot of problems.

Employees driving box trucks without a valid state license. Other employees using the Pick-up as their personal vehicle because they didn't even own one themselves and he was the BOSS!

I worked for 2 days during what they call a training period for $100 dollars a day. Thats less than $7.15/Hour for hard labor, not to mention well below minimum wage in my state.

The system in which they pay thier regulars makes it worse. On day 2, me and another new guy worked for 14+ hours AGAIN and installed what WE as employees could consider $500 dollars worth of gutter, downspout, and fascia board. At the end of the day the other new hire and I still made $100 @ $7.15/ Hour while the "Crew Leader" walked away with $300 @ $21.75 HOUR!!

All this pales in comparison to the THOUSANDS of dollars that I KNOW for a fact ,you guys paid for it.

On top of all of this, there were some new employees that have never been on a construction site ever! IF YOU BUY LEAF GUARD GUTTER AND SOME OF THE PEOPLE THAT SHOW UP TO YOUR HOUSE AREN'T WEARING "LEAFGUARD" T-SHIRTS -- DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR HOUSE!!!!

A saw a new hire pounding away at slate shingles just to hang a ledger board on a brick house that did not have fascia.

There was a job that took entirely too long because the customer was a long time construction worker but did not have the means to create this gutter system. He questioned its validity during the entire job and supervised the Crew leader like a hawk. It was hilarious watching him sweat all day and make faces.

They work such long hours to install as much of this *** as possible that they don't even have time to clean the garbage out of the trucks at the end of the day. I'm not talking about Mickey D's and Monster Cans. I'm talking about hundreds of feet of old gutter laying everywhere, mixed in with boxes of the new stuff.

All this is just after 2 days!! And then I was fired because on the 2nd day during the 3rd job and after 14 hours of work for $100 a day. The BOSS called and said there was a FOURTH job on the other side of the city. I called my wife and had her pick me up just as we were leaving the job-site. I wasn't about to cut my pay from $7 to $5 and hour. I showed up for work, planning to have a talk with the boss to quit unless things changed and he fired me.....HAHA.

That day I went home and surfed craigslist for a gig, I ended up hanging 600 feet of conventional gutter for $1200.

MY Recommendation: Pony up the money for a ladder and a hose and pay some kid $50 to clean your gutters once a year.


I had LeafGuard gutters installed in Fall of 2008. I have to agree with the other comments I have read.

Don't waste your money on these gutters. They are the worst thing you could spend money on. For the past two winters, ice dams form and some of the icicles are 6 feet long and extremely heavy and thick. When I called the company for some assistance, they told me to go out with a broom and knock them down before they get that big.

In the 33 years I have lived in my house, I have never had this problem until LeafGuard gutters were installed. This company has zero customer service and the supervisor I spoke to was very unpleasant and had a nasty attitude.



I think there should be a classaction lawsuit against Leaf Guard. Problems with ice build ups that haven't happened the 38 years prior & they try to say heat loss and bad winters..certainly have had more severe winters than in '09,plus gutters looking dirty & wasps building nests in them. Had minor problems before leafguard, now major ones and out thousands!!


I have just read the message from Clogged gutters on 6-5-2008, and am wondering what kind of gutters he/she is talking about. There is no way a bird could build a nest in a Leaf Guard gutter. Maybe a humming bird, but I doubt it.


Leaf Guard of MD install gutters and they form ice cycles on them which constantly refreeze and cause likages onto the landing outside my door literatlly trapping me inside my house because I can't step out onto the now ice-skating rink. This is the worst.

They try to tell me it is because of problems with my attic. Prior to this system, I never had any problems.


We had leafguard installed in Aug 2009. Now our basement constantly gets water in after never having water there in 23 years.

Leafguard removed gutter & installed regular guttering. they refuse to pay the cost of damage to flooring in our basement. Our family room, computer room and bedroom and wash room had to have all the carpeting, and tile removed due to water damage.

I will never recommend Leafguard of St. Louis to any of my friends or family.


My conventional gutter system sucks, its always clogged. I'm ready to drop the big $$$ to fix it.

There is enough bad info on Leaf Guard which makes me really skeptical.

A key difference between Leaf Guard and other on-site seamless gutters is that Leaf Guard adds an extra fold to the metal to block leaves but they want 4-5 times more per foot. Too much risk and $$ for me.


They never showd up at my house.

I signed an estimate and they never called me back. I called three times and nothing. I finally had someone else do it at 1/10th the cost...

There is a GOD...


Just received this posting from one of our dealers. I am from the LeafGuard Corporate office in NJ and am saddened to hear of the problems this customer has experienced. This certainly is not indicative of the level of service our dealers offer or the quality of the LeafGuard product in general.

I will forward this to the appropriate individual and we will investigate immediately. My sincerest apologies to the customer.

I would welcome a phone call from you at 732 826 8614 to get more details.

Again please accept our apologies


Although the owner of this franchise (John Spry cell phone 865-310-2060) won't admit to being the owner, he'll tell you that he's the production manager. This is a total lie so he doesn't have to deal with people when they ask him to make a decision.

I've overheard him say this on many occasions. Call him until he does, or just drive him crazy with the calls. I am friends with his best friends wife and do know all of this to be very true.

Although the Leafguard product is great, this guy is running his business on the fringe of being criminal. Good luck.


I wrote this original complaint back in January and I stand by it. I am not affiliated with a competitor of Leaf Guard in any way.

All I know is, the franchise in Knoxville, Tennessee is the worst of the worst. I have since had the gutters removed and replaced with a product called Mastershield. So far, Mastershield as a company has been great and the product has performed as advertised.

My real complaint with LeafGuard was on service - or lack thereof.

I have no desire to contact their corporate office, it will only bring back bad memories and grey my hair.

Perhaps LeafGuard should check on their franchises more often or at least send out a customer satifaction survey. They wouldn't like what I have to tell them!


Sounds like a competitor trying to trash LeafGuard. LeafGuard has been tested by the GoodHouse Keeping Institute and are the only system to be backed by them.

That means they have been tested and proven to work!

We have had them for the last 11 years, heavy trees on out lot, and no clogs! We would recomend the LeafGuard System to anyone!