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Thought I'd counter any complaints about Leaf Guard with an endorsement. After 40 years of the annul task of setting and climbing a ladder to pull soggy masses of yukk made of bugs,seeds,sticks,leaves and mud out of the roof gutters we invested in leaf Guard gutters. The ladders haven't been used ever since!

A few years ago a bird built a nest on the gutter and pulled away the fasteners where it attached to the roof. I called Leaf Guard and the next day they fixed it - no questions and no charge.

Last week we had a downpour and the rain came off the roof on the other side of the house as if there were no gutters at all! I checked and the gutters were about 3" away from the roof and they weren't catching the water. I called Leaf Guard and two days later they came and reinstalled the 18-yrar-old gutters the full length of the house. Again, no questions and no charge.

I am so happy with this company and their lifetime warranty. At my age I wouldn't dare try cleaning gutters anymore and with Leaf Guard it's one thing this homeowner doesn' have to worry about. After the bird's nest incident a neighbor offered to help with the problem. He was so impressed with how Leaf Guard works and the warranty service that he got them, too and like me, he's very happy with them. So the TV ad is absolutely true!

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Sounds credible. Too bad the counter review is by "Anonymous".

It makes it hard to know if it's unbiased.

Maybe Anonymous is the company VP of Marketing or holds some other high level position! Just don't know!


Nest "ON" the gutter? How heavy is the bird and the nest?

If the work done to fasten the gutter in place can't handle a 10lb nest, I'd say they did a poor job.

If the nest was "IN" the gutter, how the heck did the bird get in there given the opening is about an inch? And then there's your story about the gutter being 3" away from the roof...I'd say you have a good gutter product, you just had a bad contractor who doesn't seem to know how to install the gutters correctly.

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