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Leaf G[uard and Good Housekeeping iceing complaint

Unfortunately we recentl;y purchased (in the Spring of 2009) Leaf Guard for our side by side ranch condo.We note in their advertising that they had the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. We talked our neighbor into installing it on the condo at a cost over $6000. Both of us are retired and have healt problems and connot climb ladders to clean our gutters.

In the Wisconsin climate icicles form due to thawing and freezin. The lip slot on the Leaf Guard freezes over and the water runs off the rooof as if there were no gutters. For the first time in the ten years we have lived here we have water in our basement and walls of the house. Also ice forms under the eves of the house due to the icicles driping. They hang along the total length of the gutter and get up to six feet long. Gutters are supposed to take the water away from the house.

We replaced the roof heating cables we had for over 5 years with Leaf Guard since the original 4" gutters would get clogged with leaves and we had to hire a service at least three times a year to have them cleaned. We never had icicles or icing as with Leaf Guard.

Contacted Good Housekeeping for an advertised woarranty complaint form and not received a reply. How about a class action suite against Leaf Guard and Goodhousekeeping?

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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We have terrible icicles on our house in the Chicago Suburbs ever since we installed leaf guard. The Icicles get as long as 7 or 8 Feet.

They hang right above our front door so I'm worried it will hurt someone.

We usually hang out the window with a broom and knock them down. I wouldn't recommend leaf guard if you live on colder climates.


Had leafguard gutters installed in June 2010 replacing standard gutter system on my mother inlaws house. Cost her $5k.

Next two years she kept getting huge icicles she had to knock down ( not good when she is in her mid 70's!). In the 30 years before this, she never had icicles like this. Called leaf guard, and they answered vaguely about the house design an soffits and that all that water used to be frozen in the gutters (which never caused problems in the past). I mentioned that I think it is their design flaw, and also, in heavy rains the water runs over the gutter defeating their purpose (another design flaw?).

Since these icicles were forming outside the gutters, the ice ran under the facia and buckled it out. When I called leafguard to see if it was covered under their warranty, they said it would cost $75 to come out and look, and another $75 per hour to do anything. Most firms would not charge to come out to check warranty status, I was appalled! I would not recommend these gutters to anyone...

Use the high price of their gutters to pay someone to clean your old gutters, and you probably still have a good amount of money left over.


We recently purchased Leafguard Gutters. Over this winter, large Icicles have formed off the edge of the gutters and heavy thick ice builds up above the gutters.

The ice falls without notice and is extremely dangerous to people and pets beneath. The heavy build up of ice continues to slowly drip on our porches and walks creating icy conditions on the ground. We would advise everyone to look into the dangerous winter conditions these gutters create before installing. We called the company and did not get a satisfactory reply.

We were told they were not opened for business on a weekends. Told to call back on Monday.


Hello, I am the Inventor of Leafproof Gutter Protection System. I have over 30 years experience in the gutter and gutter protection industry. All guards need maintenance! Period! All Surface tension gutter covers like Leafguard, gutter helmet, Leafproof (my own I invented 16 years ago) and all the rest of the surface tension gutter guards NEED Maintenance and cleaning. They also CREATE LARGE DANGEROUS ICYCLES.

The comment above by the Leafguard rep is very disturbing to me and should be offending to anyone who reads this. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY SALESPERSON TRYING TO SELL YOU A GUTTER GUARD until you review my new website and see first hand the problems with all gutter guards, INCLUDING MICRO MESH GUTTER GUARDS! THEY CLOG FROM POLLEN AND OILS.Yes nothing gets into these micro screens, INCLUDING WATER WHEN THEY CLOG! SEE THE COMPLAINTS SECTION THAT WILL BE ON MY WEBSITE SOON RE: GUTTER GUARDS COMPLAINTS.

I have invented and have patent pending a new technology that will guarantee your gutter and gutter guards keep clean with our new Gorilla Gutter Gutter Guard and Gutter Flush Spray attachment. You will NEVER have to get up on a ladder ever again and clean out your gutters and GUTTER GUARDS!

We also have a new Heated gutter System that is very affordable that will be coming out soon.

The Gorilla Gutter Guard cost up to 75% LESS then all of the competition and it actually works! See how at and then click on the Gorilla Gutter Guard logo.

Or call 402-686-4257 and you can talk with me directly.


Greg Albracht


Gorilla Gutter Guard


Prior to having Leaf Gaurd we neve had an ice dam on our roof. After the first winter I made several calls to the installer plus sent photos--they basicly said it wasn't the gutters.

That summer we had our whole home re-insulated, and last year we had additional venting put in the roof when new singles were put on. And here I am, another winter with ice dams. If you live in a cold weather state, I would strongly recommend you avoid this style of gutter. We will be filing a complaint with the Atty.

General and recommend companies like Leaf Guard be requied to warn consumers upfront on the ice issues. We're having them removed--a big financial loss--and having traditional gutters installed.


Hello, David, we are having the same problem with our leafguard gutters. The Salesman said it is a problem with our insulation, and this without even looking at the gutters!

We have icicles falling from above and water dripping on our porches and foundation. We were not warned either about the possibility of this problem. Please let me know how and who to file a complaint with.

Let us know what you have been able to resolve. Thanks.



I am the marketing manager for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and The Nebraska LeafGuard offices . Our LeafGuard gutter system has an extensive warranty including a Lifetime No Clog, Lifetime Leak, Lifetime Finish, and a Lifetime Ice Damage Guarantee. That states if Leafguard or our downspouts ever get damaged, pull loose, or get deformed in any way we will fix or replace them for as long as you own your home. To top that all of our warranties transfer to the next owner.

Ice prevention systems are constantly getting better each year unfortunately no system is perfect. I have gone through extensive training on roofing, insulation, ventilation and gutters alike and have found that if you treat the above mentioned items as a system most ice problems can be prevented. Heat tapes are another option but they really do not address the cause of ice formation.

The biggest difference between an ordinary open gutter and Leafguard is that an open gutter collects the snow and ice on the inside and builds it up on your roof while LeafGuard is shaped to shed the snow and ice to the ground. All of our offices install both open gutters and LeafGuard and proud to have earned an A+ rating with both the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List.

If anyone has any questions or is in need of service or ice help you can call me directly at



Andy Lindus

@Andy Lindus

You guys are crooks!

Leaf guard does not work!

These crooks are selling a 2.00 per foot piece of aluminum for $20-30 per foot. Absolute crooks!!!


I'm sure you must have heard on the news that this past winter was the worst since

1910! EVERYONE had ice and icicles. Did your contract address the issue of icicles.

My contract did and I was glad my LeafGuard

gutters didn't fall off like my neighbors did due to ice IN the gutter rather than on the outside of the gutter.


Has anyone tried using the electric ice melt system offered by Leaf Guard? Did it prevent icicles from forming?

Their contract warranty does not address this option whatsoever. Before I spend this kind of money on them I want to be sure they are effective.

Please let me know! Thanks!


If the gutters functioned as intended and properly, there would be no needs to run up ones power bill to compensate for defective products.

In our case, we were w/out power (using inverters) for 4 days when the gutters fell off under the snow load.

In this case, Relying on one technology to compensate for the short fall of another is counter productive and illogical.


Had LF installed fall of 2009. The installers came back again, and again, and again, and did I say AGAIN...

They are supposed to come back this week, June of 2010.

Why, because they don't understand how to read a level. Carey, from the office in Overland Park even came out last year, I guess the boss can't read a level either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You won't see as many icicles on your standard gutter because the ice is IN the

gutter. Check the internet - icicles are

caused by poor roof ventilation and insulation. Heat loss in your roof causes

the snow to melt and the melted snow hits

the frigid air and freezes before it can

enter the LG gutter.


i totally agree with the above comments. i had the same problem in Rockville maryland