Minneapolis, Minnesota
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My house is surrounded by trees. I didn't like cleaning my old gutters, so when it came time to replace them, I went with these. After living with them for a couple of years, I wish I would never have gotten them.

Sure, the leaves just run right off, but so does most of the rain water. Not down the gutter,but over the gutter and down to my foundation. In the winter time, they are a hazard because of the ice spears that form because the water doesn't go into the gutter.

Installation was a nightmare. The installers scratched the things so bad that they had to be replaced right away. And you want to talk about rude! The company I dealt with was from Mankato MN. You would have thought I was the stupidest person around, asking for things to be put right.

In retrospect, I guess I was *** to buy these at all.

Now, I'm finding that the installers also ruined the flashing on parts of my house, and I now have rot to deal with.

Stay away from this product. You'd be money ahead to pay to have someone come and clean your gutters instead of buying these.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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You are exactly right. I am having the same problems.

We now have siding that is bulging because of water damage. Also the flashing was takend off without my knowledge. We're in the process of calling the president of the comapany.

Thanks for sharing. I though that I was alone.