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I have had leaf guard gutters for around eight years. During the past years, whenever we had a bad winter, all the water backs up and comes down into the house.

I have recently contracted a person who is replacing these gutters and soffets (due to water backup) with commerical gutters. I went to a lot of expense and now going through more expense due to the wood rotting all these years. I do not recommend these gutters to anyone. They are horrible.

I do live in a house with no sun hitting the front of the house so this creates a problem.

KEEP THE OLD GUTTERS AND HAVE THEM CLEANED ONCE A YEAR. Here I thought I was saving money--whereas it has created a big problem.

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Not the gutters problem. Heat loss through roof is culprit.


The gutters are supported 1/2 way down, the top 1/2 of the gutter is unsupported. when 4" or 12" of snow sits on top of the gutter (if your gutter is 10' or 40') the shear weight will bend the top of the gutter down, into it's self making the opening smaller, exacerbating the problem.

(LG top screwed ours into the fascia board). Big mistake. Take a guess how much one shovel of show/ice weighs? Multiply that by the length of your gutter.

More if you have an inside corner, metal roof, long runs, steep pitch. Then add in the over hang of snow that slides off metal roofs.

we are talking 1000's of pounds over the length of the gutter. Rot happens.


Gutters are not the cause of ice dams. Ice dams form when heat excapes due to poor insulation in your ceiling or attic.

The snow melts and when the water runs down and hits the unheated soffit part of your roof it freezes and begins to back up. The gutters always get the bad rap but they are not the problem. Check into more insulation. I reinsulated my attic and have no ice dam problems whatsoever anymore.

I do have Englert Leafguard and they have been great. And as I said not causing ice dams.


The problem with the Leafguard gutters is that they are smaller than standard gutters. Mine sit about about 5" below the shigles.

As the water runs off the roof, it will run down the fascia. Some will run over the top of the gutters and some will run behind the gutter. I think one of the main reasons there's so much trouble with them is because they are not close enough to the overhang. Also, in a heavy rain, water goes everywhere.

Sometimes it's almost like not having any gutters at all. I'm not a roofer or guttering professional, but I can watch it rain and count a half dozen things wrong with them!

My (ex)husband bought them 6 years ago for $6,000 and now I'm looking at replacing them. I'm going to get the gutters that have the screen covers.


I have lived in my house here in Ct since 1973 and never had ice dams on roof before.

This was the first time with ice damming and leaks on ceiling and windows. No matter what gutter system you will get ice formations will happen if attic and overhangs not properly insulated or vented.

Never heard of a roof rake till i purchased one this year. Best solution the heated cables you can clip on in November and remove in April.

Ice melt pellets work great one foot apart. Good Luck next year.


Are you sure you have the Englert LeafGuard gutters and not a topper calling itself LeafGuard? I am having a hard time understanding how water can get back into the fascia and soffets. LeafGuard is one seamless gutter so if they clog the water would just come out of the front and land on the ground, it has no opportunity to go backwards.