Malden, Massachusetts
Not resolved

Poor Customer Service!!! Overpriced!!! Not even sure if the system works! Heat tape is super expensive in electricity to use!

I ordered Leaf Guard Gutters through Costco. They promised to come out before my house was painted and remove the gutters, and then come out shortly after it was painted and put the new gutters up.

When they were selling me their product they talked about coming out the day before painting started and then shortly after it was done...

Well they couldn't get to my house before the painters were ready to start so I delayed the painters (my first mistake). Then, they did come, they removed most, but not all of the old gutter system. My painters did the rest. Then while the painters were still working on the house, they dropped off the new gutters on my lawn... However, once the painters were done, they told me that they could not come back out for over a month. We live in an area with deer and other wildlife.. I did not want dirty gutters possibly mangled gutters put up, so I called them... they offered me a check (small) for my inconvenience.

They never came to get the gutters... when I called to complain about them.. they told me that they would put new clean gutters on my house... They they offered to give me a "free" ice heat tape, and a larger check for the cost of the electrician.

Well when it came time to put the gutters up... guess what.. they used the gutters that had been on my lawn. Deer, turkey prints and all.

Well.. it turns out they threw the heat tape in the gutter, but they don't have a system set up to monitor and turn on/off the heat tape automatically or as needed... they didn't need just two new outlets put in .. they needed 7 (seven)... the check which never arrived!!! would not have covered even half of the electrician's cost... Their heat tape system is just a joke...

Many (more than 20) phone calls and I have not received the check as promised.

I do not recommend this company. I would avoid doing business with them and the parent company Beldon

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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