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IrRecently contracted to have new gutters and downspouts installed by Englert Leaf Guard. Knew 5 homes of neighbors who had this system and were all happy with them.

I became concerned after reading the reviews on this web site, and wanted to write back after installation to report that- Yes- they are more expensive than most other brands of gutter guard systems, but they are the only one (that I am aware of) that that are one solid, seamless piece. (In other words, the covers are actually molded as the entire gutter is molded- there are no seams or separate pieces for leaves or debris to get caught on, and no screens or "lids" to blow off of the gutter. They look great, were installed (in the color of my choice) in one day and seem to be functioning just as I would hope they would. The installers even took away with them the leaves and debris that were caught up in my old gutters as they removed them.

After installation, (the next day in fact) I discovered that a piece of the house that I had contracted to be wrapped in aluminum had been missed. I called my sales rep and the problem was resolved immediately.

I could not have been happier with the sales or service of this product. (I live in the Washington DC metro area.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

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I to just had "Leafguard Gutters" installed we had old aluminum gutters that filled up it feels like 10 times a year. What a mess!

Our old gutters over flowed so bad it was like walking under a waterfall. And the backyard by the foundation would fill up w/water and flood the basement.


But we did have a bad case of sticker shock... you need to figure around $27 a foot including down spouts ect.

Now I don't have a big house but still it came in @ over $5k.

So far I like the product am I in love with it @ that price no....

Was it a necessary evil YES! Now Portland, Or has had a lot of rain. And so far It's been doing the job I expected. But what will happen if we have an ice/snow storm like we had in 04-08. We'll see.