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Why won’t they put on their site that they do clog and won’t remove the clog? When are they going to honor their guarantee?

Gutter system may not clog with needles and leaves, but they sure make a wonderful environment for yellow jacket nests. Neighbor has never had a yellow jacket problem till the new roof and gutters got installed. Repeated calls to no avail to come out and unclog the gutters. We ended up putting a coat hanger inside them and slide it down the gutter and then remove the down spout and they came a tumbling out one at a time.

Little golf ball size nests.

They half way filled a 5 gallon bucket! customer service and the service sucks.

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Any experienced sales person will tell you that it's not a full proof system.thats why I don't install, that product,some of these company's have in the contract no leaf clog. They put that in there for a reason. Bees love them.


same problem with mine. I just keep spraying wasp spray. You are right there customer service sucks.

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