Norristown, Pennsylvania
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i've been trying for two months to get Leaf Guard to clean out the clogs in my gutters. Three times they have promised to come clean out the clogs but they never show up.

I guess I will have to pay someone to clean them. When it rains, the water overflows like a waterfall. This may be causing damage to the soffits under the gutters and in the winter the clog will freeze solid which may back up under the roof shingles.I just filed a complaint with the Better Business bureau.

I hope that gets their attention. DON'T BUY LEAF GUARD

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Honor the "No Clog" guarantee.

LeafGuard Cons: Not complying with warranty.

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I spent almost two thousand dollars for Leafguard gutters for my home. They worked fine on the front side of my home where no trees existed; however, on the back side of my home where there are trees the gutters clogged frequently.

Leafguard came out only one time to unclog the gutters but refused to come out again. I finally had the gutters removed and replaced with the gutters from another company which work great.

My advice is stay away from Leafguard.