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Had them come out to get quote on my house. From the very beginning the sales person was very sketchy, like acting or putting on a show.

He wasted 90 minutes of my time, took pictures of my house from every angle on his iPad and then insisted he come inside to talk. He also had to use my bathroom. The talk took forever where he continued to BS me and go through his power point slide deck. In the end he quotes the gutters for $10k.

I laugh. He then goes down to $8k. Calls his a manger and keeps up the lies and BS tactics. Felt like I was trying to buy a car.

Just awful. He came down to $5k in the end if I agreed to put a sign in my yard and a vinyl wrap on my car that advertised leaf guard. I told him I was just gonna go with the $500 gutters and clean them out when I had to. He finally left.

Lots of wasted time and invasion of privacy. I can only hope they don't come back and rob my house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, you call a salesperson to your house and complain about the need to use your bathroom? That's how you treat someone who you invite into your home?

@Joe Schmerla

That's a pretty *** comeback to a customer's complaint. Makes it sound more legit now

@Joe Schmerla

He didn’t invite a salesperson to his house. He requested a quote, like I did.

These people are insane. I wouldn’t buy anything from someone so pushy.