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Came home to find out my neighbor was getting leaf guard gutters and they clean out theirs and DEPOSITED THE WASTE IN MY YARD. NO SATISFACTION FROM CALLING THEM FOR THEY DO NOT, (REPEAT, DO NOT) CARE.

MAKING SHERIFFS REPORT FOR THEY ALSO DROVE THRU MY YARD WITH THERE TRUCK. Really must have some disrespectful people working for them. Makes you wonder if they do BACKGROUND CHECKS for who they hire. DO NOT STEP ON MY PROPERTY, WE WILL MEET IN THE COURTROOM.

If you call and complain they call you HOSTILE.

So what definition should I give this COMPANY? I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

Reason of review: Stay off my property!.

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Leafguard values not only our customers but the neighborhoods in which we work. In this case our works finished workin on day 1 only to return on day 2 to find out that the scrap from the house we were working on was stolen out of the yard by someone else.

We have attempted to convey this to the neighbor but to no avail, we would be open to helping in any way in the prosecution of the individuals who stole the scrap and even offered to clean the yard of the neighbor but was not allowed access. Other than that I don't know how to help when someone steals from us.