Chicago, Illinois

We are a group of ex-employee's who are extremely pissed at Leaf Guard Chicago. We were told by the general manager Bryan that we had to choose between our friendship with our ex-manager or our employment with the company.

Of course since our moral standards are higher than theirs we chose to pick our friendship with our ex-employer. After we chose the moral high ground there was an email sent out to all the other Leaf Guard marketers and they were given the same ultimatum. At this point 90% of Leaf Guards employee's left their positions with the company to seek proper employment. As you can see if a company does not care about their employee's how can be expected to care out their customers.

Leaf Guard stands for all that is unfair and unjust. If you expect to pay too much and have your product not serviced than this is the product for you. Just as a warning they WILL NOT service you in the winter, and WILL NOT tell you that ice isn't their problem to fix.

If you need gutter protection DO NOT go with the reverse curve design. It is outdated system that is not affective in the Chicago Land climate.

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"We are a group of ex employees who are pissed at leaf guard Chicago.". Well then, all the hateful chatter about leaf guard on this site makes since now.

It can all be easily dismissed. I get it.


The problem with Leafguard is the Corporate office in San Antonio and the CEO. What dozens of good people built into a honest, successful and profitable company the New CEO managed to destroy in just a couple of years.

Leafguard is now a money losing, office closing, shadow of its former self. The Beldon Family that employeed this new CEO bears full responsibility for what has been lost.


Anonymous is full of ***! The guy he is talking about is Bill Weber. He was the District manager of Leaf Guard in the Chicago land area for over 10 years, and was let go by the company for MISCONDUCT. If you were friends with him you should have been fired too! Bill has been investigated and convicted of fraud and tax evasion. At the time of his firing he was only hiring members of his Church (I'm guessing you were some of them.) After working with him I don't recommend listening to anything these people say.

@Paul Rozsa... Did you get scammed by bill too? LOL or was it Jim!!!!

P.s. Hows your new company "Spring Guard Gutters" going?


Shame, shame, shame on you. You are one person that was involved in marketing.

I called a friend at the Chicago office and you are the only one that left....NO ONE,

I repeat NO ONE left but you. All their employees are still there working.

I'd be amazed if the company didn't take you to court for slander. Shame, shame, shame on you for telling those lies.


Your comments are a little hard to buy. I work in the Columbus/Dayton market and have received no such threat. You are part of a large organization that owns many LeafGuard locations, having worked for this organization myself at one time, I believe there is a reason your manager was let go....either he wasn't doing his job or all of you weren't doing yours. I

found that organization to be very fair and very reputable. Sounds like sour grapes to me. When the marketplace is what it is, I would have thought you would have held onto your well paying job in order to feed your family. Now you talk bad about the product when just a short while ago you were quite the opposite. Before you spout such comments on this site, call the main office in San Antonio

and air your grievances. There is NOTHING on the market today that works as well as

LeafGuard and you know it.


are all the jobs a scam like kirby vacuums? or do they actually pay?


I'm In Kansas City, it is the same they are Pigs as well. Good for you doing the right thing :)