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All of the TV advertised systems appear nice, but are very expensive. When the new gutters were installed, I was informed that I needed to spend even more money on another needed part of the gutter system, (because my gutters go into a sewer.) This feature was never explained to me originally.

I paid over six thousand dollars (approx. half of the first bid). Before the installation, I was contacted by the salesman after I signed the agreement, that the bid was to low and that he would have to charge even more money (which eventually they did not do).

To obtain this great deal I had to obtain another style of gutter system that is not advertised on TV, it looks like the competitors screen system. I have now called on the above parts several times, but all I am told is that Leaf Guard wants more money for the equipment (that again I had no clue about until after it was installed.) Six thousand plus for what you do not see on TV and is, according to the installer "incomplete", what a great deal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

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Ed Schmelzer, the salesman with LeafGuard NW in Tigard, Oregon, promised us a full refund if we didn't like the product. No questions asked.

The day they installed the gutters I called to complain. They placed industrial sized downspouts right in front of 2 picture windows. They completely destroyed the aesthetics of our home. They also left sharp metal objects & glue strewn all over the yard & roof. We have animals so this concerned me greatly.

They said they'd move the gutters. My husband flew in from LA where he was working but Ed never showed up. The 2 workers didn't know what to do to solve the problem so left. Today, a week later, I notice a long piece of sharp metal hanging down from the roof in front of our living room window!

After numerous unanswered calls and e-mails, the company calls & tells me they will not honor Ed's promise of a full refund. So it's clear this Ed Schmeltzer lied to us to steal $20,000.00 from us! Needless to say we want our promised refund.

If they damaged the roof, we want compensation for that as well. If LeafGuard doesn't stand behind its promises we'll have no choice but to contact the Attorney General.


I just paid $12,000.114.oo on those leaf guard gutters so I would not have to go up a ladder again. Well a friend came over right after the installers left to see how they work so I grabbed a hose and sprayed the water on the roof and about 10% of it went into the gutter and the rest on the ground really nice.

I am 62 and didn't want to go on the roof anymore one of which is 20 ft up. Thanks leafguard it took 3 tries to get you on the phone


$6,000.00 Is way to much for any Gutter Guard I've Installed just about every Gutter guard out there. Anything you can buy at lowes or home depot is worthless after a couple years if that they warp the metals ones have large holes in them I'me here to tell you they do not work.

i will not mention what i sell/Install just to keep this honest.There are Gutter Guards that do work.reverse curve systems do not. Common sense will tell you if it has an opening stuff will get into them and will. Most systems that do work will fail if not properly installed right.Let me talk about these people that tell you it's cheaper to clean your gutters once or twice a year Gutters with trees around them would have to be cleaned a dozen times or more a year to keep the working properly and stop from over flowing and begin to rot your fascia board window seals and repainting nobody adds that into the cost.So lets say you clean your gutters today and it gets real windy tonight your gutters could be clogged by morning so taht $100.00 you just paid was nothing but a waste of time and money.Check out the System you would like to have Plastic dont hold up on a roof so if its plastic it will get britle and crack even warp after time Its like out door furniture just think how long a plastic chair last out in the sun before it cracks.

Look more into the Installation practice. Good luck with your journey


6 grand is alot of money for something you can do yourself. Take a trip to home depot or lowes and check out the gutter screens, etc.


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