New York, New York

I ordered my leaf guards 3-4 weeks ago, they called to tell me they were in and they would be out on Monday 06/09, they did a no show. At 6pm they drove past my home, called to tell me that there truck was too large to get up my alley and there was no parking and that they weren't willing to walk up the street.

They said they would call on Tuesday 06/10 to reschedule, which i did not receive a call. I called the manager back at the Crofton office, he told me Saturday, maybe. I left a message this morning that I was cancelling if they didn't show up on Saturday 06/14. I called the main headquarters in NJ to make a formal complaint.

They took my money, won't refund it, but won't install them or schedule a date. I have hired a roofer and masonary guy to get the back of the house done, all of these workers have down payments and are waiting for the gutters to be installed. Now after reading all these complaints, I am not sure I want them to come down at all.

I have never spoke to a manager that doesn't care if you cancel or complain.

Also, excuses I heard are it is too hot, it's too far to park, it's raining, we need to get the van, it's silly.....check the weather report!

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