Northbrook, Illinois
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We've had the same issues with leaf(grief)guard. It snowed December 31-Feb 1, 2015 and we awakened to find that of all the kindred two story homes in our neighborhood, we won the (sur) prize for the deepest and thickest ... and ultra long-lived icicles in our beloved community.... for they STILL exist in several of our second floor windows, and today will turn into February 18th within a few short minutes! And oh yes! some of these icicles are so olde that they have lost their teeth, and view the inside of our second floor with three or four feet of ice SHEET rather than ice ICKLE, but sheet or ickle, it's leafguard's special form of ultra large, room darkening, roof injuring icicles which arrived about a week after our ultra expensive leaf(grief) guard system was installed.

Their response to our calls of distress were ultra-slow ; someone did come by five or six days later but said nothing and did nothing.

We kept calling and were advised that there was nothing they could do, not even remove the icicles, one of which missed landing on the head of my grandson by inches....... UNLESS ... we would fork over another $2000.00 or so to purchase a heating cable to warm the sheckles of Leafguard's pocketbook which had already received an unbelievably outrageous amount of our hard earned coffers.

The product might work for leaves but for places where the temperature might decline below 40 degrees, it is a travesty.

As for those in charge of Leafguard their attitude is as deplorable as their product.... and that's being too kind!

PS. But I must admit that in our neighborhood this month, Nobody's icicles out-sized ours... thanks to Leaf (thief) guard!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They will pay more attention to ur complaint there ;-)

And submit a complaint to the BBB, hit em where it hurts.


The beginning date on the above review of leaf(grief)guard should be corrected to read "January 31st".

All other information is on target !


The beginning date on the leaf(grief)guard complaint written about an hour ago has one minor error. It should have read "January 31".