Denver, Colorado
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From the day that they were installed, the gutters didn't work properly. Rain went over them and between the gutters and the fascia, ruining the fascia. Leafguard blamed my roof.

Then came the winter from *** when I couldn't use my back door for a week as the ice dams melted and spread water over six feet of pavement which led from my house to my garage. This went on all winter!

Eight contractors told me that the roof had nothing to do with the problem and that the gutters had negativve flow, sheathing and flashing were not put on properly, and one corner was not cut to the correct lenght.

I had to go to the trouble of taking them to small claims court where I won a judgment against them.

Moral to LG. Don't try to rip off old widows. We are the ones who have the time to haul you into court!

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Us too susan!


We love ours and haven't had any issues that weren't addressed if they concerned us.