Northbrook, Illinois

As I have written previously.... and others have since corroborated..., Leaf(grief)Guard is a device specifically designed to manufacture monstrous icicles which tenaciously cling to one's gutters long after the winter snow and sleet have given up (for a while).

I am referring here to the snow storm which hit the Chicago area with such blustery gusto in the beginning of this month and then dissipated.

Our resultant icicles were so dense and large that they hung down thick and low, about a third of the way down the second floor windows.. especially in the front of our home.

... and at about 8 pm last night, (the 23rd of February) members of our family were shaken by the roar and clatter of what, we learned real quickly, was the final demise of the long lingering icicles and the breakage of planters just a foot away or so away from our door.

There was no way anyone could exit from the front door since the porch was slathered with a ton (I exaggerate, but not by much) of sharp particles of the ice and debris which it caused.

And the whole front of the house.... and the garage and the driveway leading to the road..... were of a sudden reinvented into a dangerous edged icecapade!

In fact, had anyone tried to visit us at that particular time (and our friends sometimes do), they would probably have been seriously injured... or worse.

As it was, we were unable to exit the house by foot or car because of the humongous quantity of ice shards which presented such a slippery slope..... and had to place a call early this morning (the 24th) for our snow plow people to dig us out of our winter slip and slide which, fortunately, they did.

It's interesting to note that Leaf(grief)Guard in their advertisement

(the Northbrook Tower, November 20,2014, says their "system will never clog, or we will clean them out for you forever- GUARANTEED.

It does not say.... ANYWHERE... that the CLOG can NOT be ICE!

... but if that were the case, why would any ETHICAL company promote such a product North of the Mason Dixon line?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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does anyone know how to get a class action lawsuit against leaf guard? They had a clause that said they wouldn't prevent icicles but if it was draining well, it shouldnt be a problem .We have more icicles now than we had with our terrible old gutters,WAY more and Leaf guard blamed it all on poor insulation,when all the houses in our newer neighborhood were built by the same builders and their homes don't have icicles!!



I'd start with the Attorney General's office consumer protection division. Take lots of pictures too. Thanks for the warning, this is not worth it.


This is happening to us too, in NJ and as soon as this melts our basement will surely be FLOODED! I want my old gutters back! Falling off the roof to clean them was a risk but the ice all over the walks and entryways is far more hazardous.


At 72 and thinking we would be benefiting ourselves by not having to remove leaves and such debris from our gutters, we installed leafguard gutters. We no longer clean leaves from our gutters but have our front step covered with ice and icicles hanging over our heads. This a hazard not only to ourselves but also to visitors.

We spent hundreds of dollars extra for heat tapes which leaf guard installed, after much haggling with leafguard and Costco, the problem is as bad as ever.

We have discussed having the leafguard gutters replaced but it isn't I our budget.


Have you considered calling the local TV consumer reporters such as Call7 investigations? Also the Attorney generals office may provide assistance?

You need leverage going up against corporations with professional attorney's on staff. Take lots of pictures, even video.


For anyone thinking it may be the houses fault, be aware that LeafGuard will use this as an excuse. While it's true, as we have seen this year in New England that homes can cause icicles and ice damming regardless of whether or not they have gutters, LeafGuard uses this to dodge liability and create plausible deny-ability.

The problem LeafGuard customers in cold weather climates face is different, regardless of how well your home is ventilated and insulated.

I had these exact problems with 2 homes with LeafGuard. By the second time, which was brand new and well insulated and ventilated, I realized it was a design flaw. I noticed the runoff on warm days and sunny days freezing over the slit that water drains into. Then the icicles grow and grow while also dripping and creating skating rinks on sidewalks, driveways and decks.

We supplied pictures and they removed the gutters, but denied it was the gutters and blamed my house. Fast forward to 2 much worse winters later with conventional gutters and we have never had an issue. No icicles and no ice dams. If there was ever a winter for trouble it was this one.

I took the exact pictures on multiple days that we took 2 years earlier to compare and contrast the drastic difference. I also felt the need to prove I'm being honest and accurate, because this is a company that needs written and/or picture proof.

I will post them when I have finished organizing them.

I honestly hope no one has been injured as a result of slip and fall or falling while clearing them off.