Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We have a horrible icicle problem in the winter, according to Leaf Guard it's due to "heat loss". Our patio roof was added on after the house was built, there's "no heat" near it.

We have the same problem there that we have on the upper and lower roofs. We have a problem on our front porch also- no heat involved. Called them several times, same answer- gutters don't cause icicles, I know that, it's the design.

In winter as snow melts, it freezes on the top of the gutter, repeats next day refreezes even more creating icicles. Canonsburg ,PA

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Install roof edging heat tape in a zig zag pattern. They operate on a thermostat.

It will take care of the problem. If you don't the ice will back up under the shingles and cause water leaks.

Forget the leaf guard company - they did what you asked- just didn't tell you what could happen with snow and ice in an unheated porch.

Less stressful to just install heat tape. Problem solved.


AMEN! I have found the same problem. You are supposed to live with it!


> according to Leaf Guard it's due to "heat loss"

Well duh - at standard pressure, the only way to make water freeze is by removing heat. Following that logic, Leaf Guard could also say the problem is due to "water" and "gravity".


slang, you're thinking too scientifically here. Yes, water obviously freezes as it loses heat, but the company means heat loss through the roof, melting the snow up there, which is refreezing as it drips down.


And on the porch in the picture they could be having heat loss through the side wall.In my experience ice dams get fixed with insulation and ventilation


Yes to the above, but also consider design or installation...from times I remember..the top piece that slides under the edge of shingles could be slid more to allow the fast running rain to enter the gutter, instead of passing rigjt over it. Also you will need to change the design by adding screen to cover the gap..back to design...they are not worth it at all, and I'm a General Contractor go figure.