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Leafguard works great for keeping leaves out, BUT during heavy downpours

it still runs over the gutter. OMG!

This recent snowstorm huge icicles are forming over every inch of gutter and causing ice on the sidewalks, patio, etc. Horrible!! As the snow is melting off the roof from the SUN, not heat loss from the house, it freezes before it can run into the gutter thus forming icicles. If I'd done my homework first I'd never have had these installed.

If you are in an area where you don't get alot of freezing weather it would be great. Otherwise, bad design.

Shame they aren't up front with this. Sort of deceiving.

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"Heavy downpours still run over the gutters..." Really? Then why can't I find a single video of this happening on the internet?

You would think with all these pissed people there would be scores of PROOF available. I really think all these posts are faked.

I'm making an appointment for an estimate anyhow. I saw how well the leaf guard system works with my own eyes at a home show.


Of course it works on TV (home show) a short roof run, maybe a resistive surface, low volumes. Get the product in the real world, You want pix and Videos, Contact the Goodhouskeep seal, they have our security cam footage and still shots of our system in use.

massive volumes of water shooting right over the gutter at many pints.

Maybe we will put ours on Youtube so all can see. There are other posters on here that have offered to share their pix, contact them.


I have LeafGuard gutters. I was aware when I bought them that I would see more icicles with LeafGuard than conventional gutters.

After all they are a rain gutter. Some people do see more icicles some less, depends on your house, which direction it faces ..towards the sun..south..or north...many variables but all in all a great gutter.


Glad I did some research. Just came back from the Rockland County NY Home Show and signed up to get an estimate for these things.

After hearing about the ice dam problems, I think I'll continue cleaning out my gutters manually 2X a year. Thank you all!!