Mount Prospect, Illinois

In suburbs of Chicago we had the LeafGuard gutters put on replacing most of the existing gutters. They did not have a product that worked on certain parts of our house. Since we did the LG gutters every year when it snows same problem. As the temperature gets into the high 20's sun melts the snow on the roof. It starts to run off and hits the gutter aluminum which is colder and then freezes. Soon you have icicles hanging off the gutters.

We drank the cool aid and had the heat strips added. The problem with those is that in order to eliminate the problem you have to run them so constantly that they literally add hundreds per month to our electric bill. We have gotten the problem mostly down to a manageable size by running the heat tapes only when the temperatures are probably melting the snow and causing runoff.

I see in several other posts that many believe the issue is heat loss through the roof. That is what the company, LeafGuard wants you to believe. I went to all of the houses they gave on the referral they provided for people in the area who had LeafGuard gutters, and every house had the same problem with icicles. We did not have an icicle problem before the LG gutters. Now the gutters are such a nuisance that I'm considering just having them removed and replaced with the old kind. Between the gutters and the heat tapes we spent almost $10,000. If a handyman were hired every year to come clean the gutters at a cost $200 to $300 per year, it would take between 33 and 50 years for the cost of cleaning to equal just what we spent on the gutters. Add to that about $2,000 for the electric bill to run the heat tapes, and you have a really bad economic proposition.

The LeafGuard gutters are simply a bad investment. It was a really dumb move on our part to spend $6,000 for gutters so we wouldn't need to clean them - and then another $4,000 for heat tapes trying to get rid of icicles. If someone is worried about falling, spend the money and pay someone to come clean them.

For those who are inclined to spew vitriol about insulation, heat loss, etc. as the cause - please save yourself the keystrokes. The LeafGuard gutters are a bad idea for a climate where there is snow and the usual freeze thaw cycles. Probably by the time LeafGuard figured out this problem they had so many sold that it would bankrupt the company to admit this was a design flaw. It's still a design flaw. I would like to see LeafGuard driven out of business. It amazes me that Costco still promotes them. I am convinced that it should be illegal for them to sell their product in a climate such as northern Illinois.

I am mostly interested in hearing from people who would be inclined to join a class action lawsuit against the company. By the time they sold us the gutters they had to know that the gutters cause an icicle problem in our area. There was no mention of this and qualifies under Illinois law as a deceptive practice. If enough people respond, we will figure out how to move this to the next level.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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This is the first year of serious snow since we installed and holy smoke, the pretty icicles are becoming jail bars both in length and weight. If this keeps up, I won't have to pay to remove them, the gutters will simply fall off the house....


Chicago suburb - have the same problem with icicles, ice on pavement/front steps and overflowing water during hard rains. Keep scheduling someone to come out to inspect/clean gutters when you are not home.


Hello, I live in Southern New Jersey outside of Atlantic City. I just purchased leaf guard gutters last week.

They were installed and then we had a very small snow storm. When I awoke in the morning I was amazed to see the icicles across the total length of the house top and bottom. These are not small either. There are some that are probably 15" long.

I immediately called the supplier to complain about this problem and after waiting all day for a return call, I was told that we were made aware of this problem on the back side of the contract that we initialed. The salesman was in my house for 2 1/2 hours and rattled on about every aspect of these wonderful gutters and not once did he mention the fact that we would have this problem.

I seriously feel that this is a misrepresentation of this product. If they have this serious of a problem, they should either fix it or at least let people be aware of the problem that will definitely arise.

I am also considering having these awful gutters removed from my house after paying $7500.00 for them.

My old gutters never had this problem and all they could do was tell me how terrible they were.

Anyone considering buying this product should definitely know that there will be a serious problem with the overflow of water and freezing ice.


Anonymous - pls see my review. We are encountering the same problem. There must be people all over the US in the same boat.