Olathe, Kansas
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We recently purchased Leafguard Gutters. Over this winter, large Icicles have formed off the edge of the gutters and heavy thick ice builds up above the gutters.

The ice falls without notice and is extremely dangerous to people and pets beneath. The heavy build up of ice continues to slowly drip on our porches and walks creating dangerously icy conditions on the ground. We would advise everyone to look into the dangerous winter conditions these gutters can create before installing. We called the company and did not get a satisfactory reply.

We were told they were not opened for business on a weekend. Told to call back on Monday.

Resubmitting my complaint to add photos of the problem of ice buildup. We are worried also about possible roof and foundation damage.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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We purchased leaf guard last summer and we had some heavy rain causing the gutters to over flow so they had to come back and add 2 more down spouts at additional cost to us and it still over flows. Now this winter we are having the same problem ice build up above the gutter and large icicles that come crashing down very dangerous.

We replaced our regular gutters - (which handled the heavy rain and we did not have the heavy ice build up) with the leaf guard and we have been regretting our decision ever since.

We would have been better off getting regular gutters at a fraction of the price. Think twice before buying


That's what leaf guards do. Keep leaves out of gutters .

.. but openings so small that rain, water and melting snow are unable to penetrate the openings to drain into the gutter. Insread flow over the leaf guard and run off the top of the gutter or behind the gutter and drop down the siding/brick.

Heat tape properly installed will remedy it. Or remove leaf guards .

Or trim back trees. Forget the company - install a remedy before you get water damage in roof or brick