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I wrote a comment about leaf guard being underhanded I WAS WRONG...I just spoke to the guy who runs business for the Va area and It was not this company it was just a rip off someone was trying to make money from this name wanted a 1000 dollars This business did not have me on file at all. I should of called before I did this.

The man I talked to was very nice and helpful If i do get this done I will call this company for there product. He took a lot of time to talk to me and help me clear this up.

I am sorry but was only putting out the info I was given. Donna Va.

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Your right it looks that Robert is a competitor writing about leafGuard. But we contractors get frustrated when we see and hear of these predatory companies taking advantage of customers. I have heard similar stories from people who had first hand experience with them, heck even worked for one of them.


I am a local contractor in the Portland area. I have seen many of these Leafguard jobs and talked to several unhappy customers of Leafguard. I have not yet removed any Leafguard gutters Myself but several other contractors have. I have looked over all the products and I believe that the GutterGlove and LeafFilter systems are by far the best on the market. LeafFilter costs too much and the company only cares about their profit, so customers go by the way side.

Since LeafFilter has an exclusive dealership and uses vinyl. I will be offering extruded aluminum GutterGlove to my customers .

Just get several bids that includes me. Do not fall for the whole reserve your special pricing thing,or three days to cancel, they will always honor. That price.


What's is a "head ace"?


To Robert...here you are again, and obviously an employee of Gutter Glove.

The facts weren't straight in your first story which gave it away you are a competitor of LeafGuard.


They are called Gutter Guard out here and ill tell you about 9o% of the home owners have nothing but problems with englert gutter guards they are way over priced with those big ugly down spouts that you dont need. I had Gutterglove installed on my house after I had englert gutter guards taken off and it was worth the head ace but i lost $4200 on the englert gutter guards.

Gutterglove cost me $1400 for the entire job and they work great. soooooooo do your home work and check reviews so you dont throw your hard earned $$$$ away like alot of us do :cry


Can they use the existing gutters?

Thank you,

David Snell



What does it cost per foot?