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I have leafguard gutters on my home and also had them on my previous home. My son and my nephew had them installed last year and they couldn't be more pleased.

Perhaps these people are referring to another product or maybe they have a gripe with their local installer because everyone I know who has had leafguard has been very happy with them

I haven't had to clean my gutters in 15 years and the only time I had a problem with my leafguard gutters the local installer was right out to take care of the issue

Best investment I ever made

Great job leafguard

Alex in Trenton

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I had Leafguard gutters installed last spring. So far, I've enjoyed not having to climb a ladder or get up on the roof to clean out the many leaves, pine and fir needles which used to clog our conventional gutters.

I live in West Linn Oregon.

Oregon just experienced a severe winter storm, the first one to drop this much snow in many years. Fortunately, the storm has passed and the temperature is finally above freezing.

Looking out my windows, I notice that our house is the only one with icicles hanging as much as a foot long off all the gutters. We've lived in our home for 15 years and there have been other winter storms with some snow and ice, however I don't recall ever seeing icicles hanging off our gutters in the past. I live in a subdivision where all the houses were built of like material, by the same builder and at the same time.

here is no reason to believe our home is any worse insulated or vented then my neighbor's homes.

I've read with interest the comments others have made about their experiences with Leafguard gutters and icicles or ice dams. Clearly, this is a design flaw with Leafguard gutters. The posts from Leafguard seem to minimize this issue.

Fortunately, severe winter storms are a rarity here.


Keep that Ford pinto well tuned. (We are sure there are company reps using a similar format and verbiage/M.O to post many of these (thunbs up) entries for LG.

Besides, why would someone spend their time reading and replying to postings if they already bot the system and are happy and have no complaints w/the product? ponder that perspective.


I've had Leafguard gutters for about 6 years. I have a somewhat steep roof.

The gutters work great for a gentle rain, but if it rains fairly hard, the water shoots off the roof. Never even gets in the gutters! My (ex)husband paid about $6,000 for a medium size house and I ready to look for new gutters. Every time it rains hard, I get water in my basement.

LOTS of water. I will look at the gutters that have the screen cover.

In the winter I get ice dams that have caused lots of damage in the house. I couldn't be more dissatisfied with these gutters.


Just as KayR wrote on May 4,2010, I would appreciate if you would let me know how much you paid for the LeafGuard system, yours, your son's and your nephew's with the respective home sizes or total footage of gutter system installed. I have been given a very expensive estimate and is trying to find an average cost range of the product.



We were given a bid from LeafGuard... The first stetch of the front of the house is 25 ft.

long with a 2 ft. drop-down to the front of the garage which is 26 ft. long. Cost for those 2 sections is $1,395.

The rear of the house is 1 continious run, 75 ft.

long (with 3 drains) for $1,899. Our additional garage has 2 runs of 26 ft. in length... costing $1,094.

I am interested in finding out if you took the LeafGuard deal offered to you and how much it cost you. Also, how do you like the product?


Does anyone have a steep grade roof with LeafGuard? I want to know if there is a problem with runoff?


I would be very interested to know how much you paid for a Leafguard system - yours and if you know, your son's and nephew's - with information about the size of your home(s). I have been given an estimate that is extremely expensive, so am trying to gauge customers' usual cost range. Thanks!