Jersey City, New Jersey

I have had Leaf Guard Gutters installed for two years now. Leaf Guard Gutters do a great job of keeping leaves out of your gutter but that is all.

I am sitting here at this moment looking at nine inches of solid ice sitting in my gutters. I think that it is only a matter of time when the weight of the ice will tear the gutters off of the house. The water from the melting ice is forming a one to two inch sheet of ice on my porches and water is seeping into my basement due to the overflow from these worthless gutters. So bad that the postman will not deliver mail to my house for fear of slipping on the ice.

There are icicles hanging down from the gutters that ate longer than I am tall. Oh and not the mention the disaster lasr winter caused by a foot of ice melting under my soffits and runnung down my living room walls. Anyone considering buying these worthless gutters please take my advice and run the other way as fast as you can.

They have done nothing but cause me grief and expenses far beyond the cost of these gutters. I would be first in line to file a class action law suit against this company for selling a worthless syetem that simply does not work.

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to Aromashodu: i would love to see this cutting edge research that says curved hood designs are ice making machines. i have done plenty of research.

Gutters don't cause ice damns. If you want to get rid of any icicles, move down south. Icicles will form whether you have gutters or not. As far as the company "trick"ing you, sounds like you are an *** for not reviewing your contract.

Your own stupidity.

As far as the original post, sounds like you have other issues beside having a great gutter system in place. if water "seeping" down from ice and is getting into your basement, i would hate to see what a heavy rain would do to your basement.

You are an ***. It is not an issue with the gutters.


1. Written by Andy Lindus, on 19-05-2011 13:34

Hello, I work for Midwest LeafGuard handling the upper Midwest. Our offices cover Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Omaha. A regular gutter collects the ice inside the gutter and builds it up on your roof with LeafGuard you will have icicles coming down however there are heat cable options available to eliminate the formation of ice. If you would like this installed at your house please call us at our office 1-800-873-1451.


Andy Lindus


those things are junk stop posting responses by leaf guard Employees anything with a opening will and i mean will let debri enter Leaf guard loves to eat pine neddles


Gutters can not magically make ice! Ice is frozen water. Do your gutters some how throw water on your roof and then freeze it really quickly?


Get a Clue? If you do your research, you will learn almost all curved hood designs on gutters are basically ice making machines.

Where Leafguard tricks you is with the fine print on the back of the contract that the salesman never mentions.

When you call to complain about ice(as I did), they just tell you that you didn't read your contract. And there's a reason the Leafguard contract is 2 pages of 'fine' print that no one reads.

Pa: never had ice damns with my open gutters.


Sounds like you have no insulation in your roof! Where do you live?

Do you think a piece of non moving, non-mechanical, non-electrical, solid state of aluminum is your problem? Get a clue! Take a little responsibility. My ice damns are where I don't have gutters.

I don't have one icicle on my LeafGuard gutters.

What does that tell you? Heat loss!