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We're here in the NorthEast - Long Island. We have a real problem with the Black Locust Trees that the builder had planted in the neighborhood. They drop those little tiny leaves (~one inch long). there's millions of them and boy, do they clog up the gutters. We were having flooding problems because you just can't keep up with clearing the gutters and the water backs up. We finally found and installed LeafGuard Gutters. They were very expensive but if it saved us from water damage we were fine.

Now comes the Polar Vortex. The entire house has icicles hanging from the roof (we never had this problem before). Some are over a foot long and ~2.5 nches in diameter. I went out to investigate today, and there is also 4.5 inches of solid ice resting on the top of the gutters. It's as if a waterfall just froze right on top of them. The other neighbrs (who btw, recommended LeafGuard to us) also have the same problem. A brief walk arond and everyone with the LeafGuard gutters has the same issue.

We found that the LeafGuard did solve our clogging problem, however, this one is much more dangerous. If you are in the cold climates be very careful before you buy. I absolutely agree with the other poster from Chicago!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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I have to chime in with the people who live in the colder climates about the icicle problem. We live in Ohio and never had 4' icicles before Leaf Guard.

They have fallen and annihilated our landscape lighting. I had to build a wooden cover for over our generator as the largest icicles of the season seem to form over it, and I do not want one to fall and sever the gas line or severely dent the aluminum generator cover. We spent $1,000 on heated roof cables to try to alleviate the problem. This helps the icicle situation somewhat, but adds another $150-$300 to our electric bill every month.

The Leaf Guard gutter system has added much expense and apprehension to our household. I wish we still had the man who used to clean out our standard gutters twice a year for $75 a pop.


Don't know about any "polar vortex" but the weather is actually bitterly cold. Maybe you are referring to what we call "bitterly cold" weather?

As for LeafGuard, thanks for the info.

Seems like you need to get rid of some trees. I would buy a chainsaw and go to work with your neighbours.