Dillon, South Carolina
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Had it installed last year out of charlotte. I can say I'm not seeing what many of you are posting. I made a point of going out in a rain so hard it was difficult to even see and no overflow. The installers were excellent and explained how the gutters must be properly sloped for the water to run out but not so fast as to not carry away any leaves that do get in.

I asked for a oversized down pipes with extensions on the ends to direct water out into the yard. They even did a white gutter with brown downspout to make it harder to see up next to the brick.

The concept is sound and seems to be working for me. The best thing is no more mildew and the water that has seeped into the foundation is all dried up. Sorry you folks are having so much trouble but I'm satisfied. I walk my dogs around the neighborhood and it's amazing how many gutters in the subdivision are jammed full of debris. It is a expensive investment and unfortunately will add nothing to the value of the house. Since my next stop will be the cemetery or nursing home anyway, return on investment doesn't matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Not to state the obvious, but how did someone who loves a product just happen to find a site of people complaining about said product? Happy people don't hunt for site's to compliment people.

I mean, you may jump on Yelp or something, but this seems odd. In the interest of full disclosure, did they ask you to do it? And dude, that thought's morbid. I'd much rather my Gramps take me and my bro's on a fishing and camping trip.

Memories matter. We'd clean his gutters.