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I am a pissed off customer of Leafguard. I live in Cincinnati and ever since I purchased these gutters I have had nothing but trouble.

After purchase I called several times to have my gutters looked at, because they leaked at the downspouts.They kept putting me off because they told me they were to busy to come out. Then I found out that they had no service people ,because they all had either quit or were no longer with the company. After several weeks someone did come out and did a poor job of fixing them. Then the first winter came and I had Ice cycles across the front and back of my house 2 foot long.

I was afraid to go out my front door as not not to have a ice cycle fall on our heads. I called and complained and was sent a flyer about Ice Dams. I have lived in this house for 27 years and I have never had Ice Cycles before now. Even in the worst winters in Cincinnati we never had problems with Ice cycles.

I called repeatedly and finally someone came out and told me , It was because my attic was not insulated enough, the hot air was freezing at the roof edge where the gutters met the roof. I went and paid an insulation company over $1000 to come out and insulate the roof and soffits. They still are just as bad as before, I have 2 -3 foot ice cycles all around my hose. None of my neighbors , who regular gutters have Ice Cycles, just me.

Also the paint on the downspouts and leaf traps are fading to a white color instead of beige. These gutters suck and wish I could get my money back. This company is a scam The commercials are deceiving, they never show what happens in the cold winters.

Now I know why. Worst decision I ever made in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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this person who responded to this post obviously didn't read everything written. I spent over 1000 dollars for insulation and I had the same problem as before.

I never had any problems with my old gutters, which I had for 22 years.

I hope that the Indianapolis regional manager will follow through with his promise of fixing this ugly situation. He and his service manager personally saw this situation and agreed to rectify the problem.


To B.S.Managers saving face. Don't know where you get your info.

I have been with LeafGuard over 10 years now and am very proud of the product and serve we give. Like it or not, gutters don't create icicles - improper ventilation in the roof and soffit area and insufficent insulation in the attic area allows snow to melt and

the frigid air refreezes that liquid before

it goes in the gutter. We may have icicles on the outside, but other gutters have it on the inside.

As bad as the weather was last year, I had 0 icicles on my home. By the way, icicle problems are covered in bold print on our contracts.


A district manager came to my house and looked at my situation and assured me they would fix the problem when the weather was better. i will wait and see if the problem is going to be resolved


LeafGurad Hater,

Did the LeafGuard folks who wrote the comment above resolve your problems? Would be interested in knowing.


Come you, guys @ Leaf guard have such high turn over how can you have employees good enough to wipe there own A@! The managers are alway training people to lie, and present your 1.5hr power point.

You have to tell folks your product creates large ice cicles right away not after they send there hard earn money.


Sir or Ma’am,

I want to express our concern regarding your disappointment in not only the LeafGuard product, but the poor service you have experienced. Please be assured customer satisfaction is LeafGuard’s highest priority!

I would like to discuss these issues with you at greater length and see if we can come to a satisfactory solution.

As I can not view your contact information on this website, please call me at 800-488-8377 to discuss. LeafGuard Indiana/Southern Ohio