Rockford, Illinois

I strongly suggest taking heed to all these complaints. In short, I will inform everyone about the following pitfalls about this product after installing over many thousands of feet of gutters for Leafguard.

If you have very steep slope roofs, bad idea. If you have alot of roof height(length) from top of roof to fascia boards, also bad idea. Reason for water behind gutter is because of installer being to lazy for not putting gutter apron under roofing shingles to the top of gutter.(Leafguard #1 problem). Icycles WILL dam up in most circumstances,(Several reasons for this).

After awhile, because there is no support for bottom of gutter, and after a couple of winters of ice dams pulling open the face of water intake, debris, especially pine needles, whirly seeds, and the like, WILL begin to accumulate inside the trough.

Lastly if you have large valley areas (this is where one roof will overlap the other) too much water volume will overshoot the leafguard hood. My suggestion is get regular style gutters, pay to have them cleaned once or twice a year, and since I know the price differentials, you can live in the same house for twenty years and be about even.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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You were obviously a bad installer. If installed correctly, LG works even on Mansard roofs.

Gutters DO NOT cause ice damming. No matter what kind of gutter you have, you can have ice dams. Ice damming is caused by heat loss in your attic melting the snow which then runs down your roof and re-freezes at the cold overhangs and gutters.

This will cause the water to dam up and back up under your shingles. Since LeafGuard is a covered system, it just becomes more visible that a conventional gutter.

The misinformed blame gutters for causing ice dams.

Guessing this is a disgruntled ex-employee...


Says Jon from Leafguard! There are easy ways to avoid "Jon's" potential catastrophe.

The original poster said to pay someone to clean out the regular gutters. This means to pay a professional company.

They indemnify you from any potential lawsuit and they are also very cheap. I would estimate you could do this twice a year for 40 years before spending as much as you would on Leafguard.


Until one of the neighborhood kids falls off the ladder and breaks his neck, and the parents are suing you for everything you have. LeafGuard is by far the best out there.