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i called leaf guard to come service their gutters. I called customers service and it was poor.

They said to check the end caps to make sure they were leaf guard gutters. They had advised I did not have an account. Gave them information on the leaf guard contract. They answered it must be in their archives system and could they call me back while they research my information.

Just come fix the gutters. Very frustrating, two weeks no repair or call back. I called three times during this waiting period and stiill no service. This has been very frustrating for a company to not honor its service agreement.

In business word of mouth can help or hurt. Your business. I just wonder how many complaints have been paid attention to by this company. This may be a situation where a consumer should be very aware before signing a contract.

The executive maybe aware of the complaints but do not think it will affect business. The sales is of this product is what's important to the company. You are basically purchasing a sold as is product. From what I have read the negatives out weigh the positives about this product.

Most business understand the importance of good customer service. It could make or break a business. Maybe undercover boss with executives can help repair this business. Television ads will always lead a person to social network for reviews.

i hope they can fix the bugs in their company so the customer does not have to experience the negative comments. The golden rule in life treating other the way you would want to be treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

LeafGuard Cons: Service.

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I emailed the the CEO and offered pictures and the full story of all my issues. i just got a few one line emails back.

Wasn't interested. All comments were vague and non-committal as if he was afraid of being exposed. No apology or anything. My impression is that they feel they can out advertise social media with their commercials and junk mail flyers.

Notice that the commercials have a focus on the elderly. The elderly aren't using social media like the rest of us.


Gives me a heads up when I look for gutter/leaf problems.


Weird for sure. Is it possible the original company that sold you Leafguard went out of business or were bought by another distributor of Leafguard.

I know thats what happened with the company we originally purchased Leafguard from. We had a storm damage and we called the local leafguard office. We bought the system in 1998 and the local office didnt have us on file either. The lady that answered the phone asked me to look at the endcaps as well.

They said Leafguard and I had a tech come to my house. I was happy to know that even though the company i purchased from in 1998 was bought out that my warranty was still solid.

I love my Leafguard. Sorry you're having issues.