Nashville, Tennessee

Leafguard installed gutters on our home quickly after the order was placed. We called to ask about a part of the gutter that did not appear to fit seamlessly at a corner. An inspector came the next day and assured us it was installed properly. Today it rained and this portion is dripping directly into the corner of the deck, splashing water onto the door, under the door and onto the side of the house.

I called Leafguard and waited on hold for 30 minutes before hanging up. I am assuming they will repair the improperly fitting corner, and also straighten a downspout that is off-vertical alignment and not hanging perpendicular. But I have to reach them by telephone again to get the service performed.

For the price, customer service and response should be better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Repair.

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Where are you located and who installed your LeafGuard Gutters?

I will have our Customer Service Manager contact the dealer Please e-mail me your name, address and phone number

Sincerely Mitch Gaber


If you don't receive the service you feel you deserve, unlike other companies, you can contact the corporate office in New Jersey and they will see to it your issue is taken care of. This company does care about it's customers