Eugene, Oregon
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I initially saw the Leaf Guard gutter system at the local Costco store and scheduled an estimate. Had the salesman come out yesterday from Englert Leaf Guard to deliver the estimate, and after wandering around the yard for 45 minutes, then taking some pictures and measuring 2 straight runs of gutter, then giving me a Power Point presentation that lasted almost an hour, he quoted me a price for gutters that was only $32.00 cheaper that the quote that I had gotten to RE-ROOF the entire home with a 50 year roof. After all promotional discounts and incentives, the price I was quoted was $38.50 a foot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Estimate.

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for less than $50 I got enough leafgard I needed for the gutters that needed to be covered. Since I am ancient, one of my sons came over and installed for the 40ft irregular shape in 20 min. don't let guys rip you off,call a friend.