Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Leaf Guard gutters -What a joke! From the Salesman lying to us -to the installers doing a terrible job installing the gutters.

Saleman measured the entire house -stated would be NO PROBLEM putting gutters around the entire house. When the installers arrived, they told me they could not install the gutters on my aluminum porch. ARE YOU KIDDING ME - I got the impression that these installers did not know what they were doing. And besides, the salesman should have told me that they could not install them on my porch.

The installers told me that Salesmen will tell you anything to get a sale. I could not believe what I heard and this is NO WAY to do business. This is just a sample of what happen to me. Your company DOES NOT deserve the Good Housekeeping Seal.

I in will be submitting a letter to both the BBB and Good Housekeeping. A BIG EXPENSE GONE BAD.

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