Beaverton, Oregon
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I have never seen such a runaround. The installers accidentally damaged my door trim assuring me they would let their boss know.

It has taken months of calls and emails and still a no-show despite multiple promises from Mike (Tualatin, OR; Englert) Even put on pressure from Costco HQ, got 2 calls the next week BUT no one showed up. 5th promise to come Sat. June 8, 2013. Hard to hold my breath.................

The product itself is not the issue; after-care/service is. Salesperson, btw, seemed extremely over-confident, smug.

Rushed thru presentation; upset at NOT getting quick agreement..OH YES...They have a total monopoly on LeafGuard products/installation in OREGON. Maybe that's why

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Call Costco and complain MORE! They jump to make Costco happy.

File BBB complaints against leafguard!