New Westminster, British Columbia
Product or Service Quality

I was a manager an service technician at leafguard Pacific in the lower mainland for 7years before they left canada.I can assure you this product is fraudulent an has never worked. As well this company is extremely racist an prefers to hire whites to improve perception .I was told by my upper managers from Texas an Washington.

(Pat Frank's an todd blinn) numerous times to lie to customers in order to save them from numerous law suits in Vancouver canada an British Columbia.the Seattle manager todd blinn fired Canadians an brought American workers illegally to shut down the canadian branch in may of 2015.if anyone needs help in lawsuits against this company I would love to help you. Please email me at

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I would LOVE to sue these thugs. Let's get a class action going guys. With you as a witness there is no way we'd lose.


People, you need to realize most of these complaints are not Leafguard but a similar company that has gutter guards and so on.

And the reason they will not sell you a part is it will void the warranty.

Also that tells me you do not have leafGuard gutters because you would not be messing with them if you did.

They have a lifetime warranty against clogging,falling off or/getting loose and the paint job from chipping or peeling.

People need to remember the whole point of getting leafguard gutters is if or when one of these issues should happen all you need to do is pick up the phone and call your local office directly they will send someone out free of charge to take care of the issue.

The only thing they DO NOT DO is maintenance.Like if you just want your gutters cleaned to avoid clogging.You do need to wait until they clog but it is rare unless you have an extreme case. rest assured people if you call your local office you will reach someone and your gutters will be taken care of.

And another note this company has been around for decades and does not subcontract. It just sounds like a lot of people on here are talking about other companies for the most part.