Littleton, Colorado
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I was informed by the main office of Englert LeafGuard Gutters that I would receive a courtesy phone call from the delivery person prior to the delivery of the gutters arriving at my home. I never received a courtesy phone call.

When the installers arrived early in the morning, as scheduled, they already knew that the gutters were inside the gate of my back yard. I was totally unaware that the gutters had already arrived the day before, which was unscheduled! The delivery person was suppose to deliver the gutters on the same day as the installers, just prior to their arrival. I didn't even get a courtesy knock on my front door from the delivery person, who delivered the gutters on an unscheduled day.

Buyer beware of the unexpected!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Our apologies for the lack of communication during the manufacturing and dropping of the gutter runs at the customer's property. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations and appears we didn't on this job.

We appreciate the feedback and will discuss this with the branch personnel and explain the importance of it. Thank you for your comments.

Pat Franks

Vice President

Leafguard by Beldon, Inc.


i thought there gutters were formed on site to the required length.


Our gutters are produced via our gutter machine mounted in our truck. On this particular job, our machine truck driver would have visited the job site, verified each gutter run measurement and then extruded each gutter length and place them in a secure location on the property, prior to the installation crew arriving. Depending on the install capacity of the branch, the gutters might be dropped a day or two prior to the install or possibly the same day.


What is wrong with you? So that did their job and you're basically mad you didn't get a phone call.

Im thinking the product is doing above and beyond what they promised or you would have called in the national gaurd.

Shana get a life. Wow!

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