This product and any other like it that these companies are trying to charge the prices they are is uncanny. Leafguards pricing when you break it down is between $25-$30/ft. That is outrageous when you look at regular 5 inch gutters installed will usually be between $5-$10/ft. installed. And they will sell it as it is such a custom system when in actuality the only difference between these and regular gutters is the coil of aluminum is about 5 inches wider and when it runs through the machine it bends that extra metal over the top of the gutter itself like a helmet. This extra 5 inches of aluminum does not equal $15-$20 more in cost per foot.

There is a reason they are so insistent that they have to send a salesman to your house, because it is not different than a vacuum cleaner salesman, its not about the product, its about the sale of the product and why you should pay so much for it, they know that if they don't send a salesman to tell you how great the product is and they just gave you a bid by the feet of gutter you need they would only sell maybe 5% of the estimates. Why would you need to be shown a PowerPoint on Gutters? Also know that when the salesman comes out and finally gets around to giving you a price, know that the price is going to be twice as high as it will be by the end of the conversation, because due to your sticker shock he will then all of the sudden start lowering the price with rebates and add on's. Just know, your not special, they do this on every job because they know even the final price is high, so by starting out even higher, by the end they will have you convinced your getting some great deal, when in actuality the final # by no means is a deal either.

Can you find people that have the product that like it, absolutely, in the end the product probably isn't that bad. But you have to remember that if they have the product they also paid that high price and so they themselves know they *** well better like it for how much they paid for it. Its like someone who say, buys a designer purse and pays $1000 it, the thing could be junk, but they would never tell you that because they know by admitting that they look like a rube.

My suggestion would be, if your having leaf problems call a regular gutter guy and talk to them about what you options are, if he independently owns his machine he will have several options for you that fit on your existing gutters so your not rebuying something you already have and are at different price points and likely all of those price points will be lower than this LeafGuard product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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Leafguard work as described! There're are and always will be issues with any gutter system.

No one holds a gun to your head to force you to purchase.

Leafguard is a great system and has preformed very well for me.


"There're are" What the heck does that mean ?


Omigod that is EXACTLY what happened to me! I own a small 890 square foot 1 story home and this *** salesman tried to tell me I was getting a bargain at $7,100.00 for leafguard.

Had a multimedia presentation on an Ipad and everything. I looked at him and said "you do realize you're selling gutters, right?" These people are ripoff artists of the first order.


Per foot cost is actually $21.00

Downspout is $12.00 per foot

Corners are 75.00 each

It's pry about 400.00 to 800.00 just to have the big truck bring your gutters to you and than I'm sure there is a sales cost around $1000 give or take almost positive the first price your given is high balled....always negotiate with your salesman...they are there to get your money and always read the fine print Learn what the warranty doesn't actually cover before you sign


Hahaha! Your prices are nowhere near the actual manufacturing cost of those materials.

You are quoting Leafguards inflated prices.

And yes, READ THE SMALL PRINT! Leafguard basically absolves themselves of all liability!


You can buy cheap gutters & have them

Get clogged often and either a)get up on the roof and clean them up or b) pay someone else but with Leafguard you spend more money on a good product, and are promised to never have to get on your roof again or worry about your gutters getting clogged. The choice is yours, but don't rag on a company because they are charging more for a better product.


opinions and comments fine....long drawn out ramblin stories....best left for bed time.....oh wait.. (Ding, *** there is my leafguard appointment....gotta run


Pretty simple solution...JUST DONT USE THEIR SERVICE. Did not need a book written to figure that out, or for someone to tell me not to use their service....its pretty common sense...


LOL, I think the solution for you then is simple, DON'T GO ON A WEBSITE THAT CONSISTS OF COMMENTS AND OPINIONS GIVEN BY OTHERS IF THATS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR! You probably have a Leafguard sales appointment that you should be at pretty soon anyways I'm sure :grin