Woodbury, New York
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This company is aware of the "ice dam" problems. Never had this problem in the 26 years in my home.

Had Leaf Guard installed prior to last winter, now I get 4-6 ft icicles over my front steps when it snows. They drip aduring the day and refreeze on our front steps overnight. Paul has come out once to look and suggested installing a heater at his cost,that was last winter. Now after numerous unreturned phone calls and texts,no contact from him at all.

Still left with same problem.

After this winter I will probably change the gutters back to the original icicle free system, at my expense. Stay away from this system.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We also have the icicle problem since having Leaf Guard installed! They keep leaves out but ice dams form because the water does not flow into the gutter.

We were also told when we complained to install heating cables and the problem is the ventilation.

Each year they are on is worse now the garage and porch that are not insulated have 3 to 4 foot icicles and water flowing behind the gutter. Positive reviews from California customers I did not see one positive review from a customer in the Northeast.


These guus are selling an inferior product and are chargi g exhorbinant prices.


I have the same problem now that I bought the leaf guard gutters major ice build up . I don't recommend this product. Never had this problem before


We are having exactly the same problem! Due to the design, I would have expected some icicles (WHICH WE NEVER HAD BEFORE -- and we've certainly had colder winters and bigger storms), but nothing like the 4- to 6-foot monsters hanging from my house during this first winter with this system.

This is very dangerous -- huge icicles and ice-covered walk and porch step. Apparently, we've traded the occasional danger of one of us falling from the roof to the more frequent risk of one of us or someone else falling on ice or being hit by a huge dagger of ice. The most gigantic icicles are on the gutters on the sides of the unheated garage -- so at least the car is safe. I am so very, very, very disappointed.

We are retired, and I don't know how we're going to afford having it replaced.

My house now looks like an advertisement for why not to buy this product. Guess it's time to take the "Perfect One-Piece Gutter System LeafGuard" sign down.


Our problem is the same, we had the LeafGuard Gutters installed in June, 2012. We have gone through the winter snows with hanging icicles and built up ice atop the gutters. It is extremely dangerous! We have had near misses with our pets and ourselves when the huge icicles fall and large chunks of ice slide off the gutters. WE DID NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH OUR OLD GUTTERS. thus I wonder how it can suddenly be attributed to faulty insulation.

We now have a constant drip of water on our porch and walkway creating dangerous ice rinks. I am adding photos of the ice mess LeafGuard gutters. We did not capture the worst of the ice with our photos. These are a few photos taken after most of the icicles fell and the slide off of ice occurred. The Ice remains atop the gutters and continues to drip and refreeze.

Our sales rep did not once mention or question the quality of our insulation or that there could be a problem in winter. He only focused on how "good" the gutters are and what a great buy we were getting. When I reported the problem to the rep he had a ready answer that we have faulty roof insulation, without even visually inspecting the gutters. Also very disappointed and have made a bad investment.


Instead of hiding this fact in small print, if you know this is an issue state it upfront. Very deceptive.


Should have gone to Rob


It states very clearly on your contract icicles will occur more often with these gutters. Also explains why.

Read before you buy. ***


I also wish I had saved my money and kept old gutters. LeafGuard is a joke on the consumer.

I called 9/27 for some repair work. I also have ice dams, but told that is my problem.

Strange I only get them with LeafGuard. Winter is nearly here, guess I better get used to lousy system.


My gutters are clogged. I called the installer but he is disconnected.

I called 18005323482 and they are disconnected.

I just want to be able to call someone from Leafguard on Long Island, New York who can fix the problem. HELP!


I have a summer problem with Leafguard. I have a high gutter that leaks out the end, and the drops fall on a lower gutter making a loud, persistent "ping" all day and night.

It's right outside my bedroom window, and drives me crazy. After two months and many phone calls on my part this has not been fixed, even though they have been out three times. No one seems to know why it is happening, nor how to fix it. Hard to believe someone in the company (Lindus Construction in Wisconsin) cannot figure it out.

These gutters are very expensive, and so I would expect a good product and good service. It's very disappointing.


As A former installer, the water will get a slight freeze on the hood and building up of the ice, plus if you have hail damage causing any imperfections the water sits in the dings left behind. And They don't tell you that you might have to get better Isolation and sofit vents if needed. That Another company will gladly take your money.


We installed Leaf Guard gutters about 2 years ago. They work fine except where they are over our front porch.

We were told that the drops that form at the bottom of the gutters would quit forming after a bit. This has not been the case. They form and drip on the porch. The drips spatter and soak the porch.

I've complained several times but the problem has not been solved.

Before we installed Leaf Guard our porch was only wet at the very outside. Now half the porch is wet.


For those of you who think the gutters are causing your problems, they are not. I dont know how many times i have heard the same old story - "I never had this issue before, yada,yada,yada".

Usually you think that because you never paid attention to you gutters in the winter, and now you have this awesome gutter system and now you are watching them more closely. MGARCIA10598- Really? No icicles from snow in the past. so the snow never melts all winter, until spring, then bam!, all of it melts in one day.

you are a ***. As far as your leaking into the windows, if icicles dripping causes water to leak into your windows, i would hate to see what a heavy rain fall does.

Again you are a ***. You have a window issue, not a gutter issue.


I have leaf guard and you are the ***. How dare you call people names.

You don't even know what you are talking about.


The gutters are terrible. I had icicles before but never as much or as long.

I NEVER had ice dams which formed and fell off in very large, very heavy slabs which have smashed all my window well covers and smashed down the top pipe on my chain link fence. Insults, name calling and swearing do not change facts.


Only a mud duck could be this *** and talk this way. In wisconsin we know what a poor product this is for winter. They are like your Vikings great in the summer, but not so hot in the winter.


I have Leafguard brand gutters on my house and they work awsome. In the past I had ice coming off my old gutters(open k-style).

I put on a new roof and did new insulation and ventalation along with the new leafguard gutters. since we have had two very rough winters here in Iowa and i have since had no ice problems at all.

Nor have i had to clean my gutters. I love my gutters and would recommend LeafGuard brand gutters to anyone!


Hello, I work for Midwest LeafGuard handling the upper Midwest. Our offices cover Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Omaha.

Unfortunately where a regular gutter collects the ice inside the gutter and builds it up on your roof LeafGuard you will have icicles coming down however there are heat cable options available to eliminate the formation of ice.

If you would like this please call us at our office 1-800-873-1451.


Andy Lindus


I love my LeafGuard gutters. Ice dams are an insulation, ventilation issue.

Conventional gutters hide the ice inside LeafGuard brings the ice to the ground, if your getting leaking inside your house because of ice dams you need to educate yourself in regard heat loss thru your roof which causes ice dams. Not your gutters....