Chicago, Illinois

Well this is the second weekend I have seen my neighbors on their ladders

cleaning out their gutters while I get to sit and watch my favorite football team. I am so glad I got LeafGuard. I had zero problems last

year and zero problems this year. This was money well spent - they say

they are expensive but I don't think so. I stepped wrong off a small

step ladder and had to have my knee replaced. LeafGuard was ALOT less

expensive than my knee surgery. I don't understand the complaints I see

on here and wonder if it isn't some of the other companies that came out

making false claims.

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After a year we now have two areas where the corners are leaking. I set up an appointment with JDR Enterprises (installer) to repair.

He's a no show and now we have wood damage. I believe it's in the installation.

Don't use JDR Enterprises for installation. I'll report later on the gutter products.


I have to ***


I didn't have any trouble with mine for a few years, nothing serious anyway, but we don't always see the damage right away. The fascia behind the gutters is starting to rot and I'm starting to get cracks in my foundation from all the water. My best advice is, if you're worried about clogged gutters, is to get the screen covers.


The ice problem can be solved by spending a few extra bucks and having them instal heat tape along the bull nose of the gutters. This is an option and takes care of the ice dam and icicle problem :)


Response to Jim Probst. If you live in Denver take my advice DON'T DO IT.

You will have a foot of ice hanging in your gutters leaking into your house all winter long. You'll be sorry!!!!


I am looking at buying this system and I am trying to find people that has had this for a while. I live in Denver Co.

and I am concerned about the Ice cycles, and the problems with the leaves. I have Locus trees and they have small leaves and stems in the fall and seed dropings not pods in the spring.

Any further information you can give me is heplful.