Cleveland, Ohio
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I've never guessed rain guard gutters would have worked. I never understood how the water would run inside the gutter but not the debri.

Using my common sense I figured pine needles at least would make it inside with the water. But then I wondered, "hmmmm how would you clean it out?" That's when I decided to read the reviews.

I don't have these useless gutters but figured I would offer some potential advice for everyone who had been robbed by this company and report them to the Better Business Bureau and see what they can do for you or start a class action lawsuit. You deserve your money back, you worked hard for it!

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Had the same issue. Water run down like the falls in the mountains making windows leak. Costco should know better than to stand behind and promote this company


You're an *** if you can't figure out how these things work. Surface tension. Look it up.

Also, a review for a product you've never used, especially when you have an 8th grade comprehension of physics is 100% useless.


I purchased a home with trees overhanging the house 15 years ago. I have never had to clean the gutters once.

My previous home needed this twice per year, spring and fall.

I am now looking to replace my gutters because they are 35 years old and the finish looks bad and I need a new roof with a tear off. I want the leaf guards back on afterward they work great!