Waxhaw, North Carolina

Don't let a Leaf Guard sales representative into your home. Timeshare sales tactics.

I told the sales representative right from the start that I was not going to make a decision right away, which he ignored. I always sleep on making a decision that involves spending thousands of dollars. He started quoting me $15,900 to replace my gutters - wow! He ignored me every time I said he was not going to close the deal that evening.

The price dropped the $9,900 after multiple call to his supervisor.

Very pushy, aggressive and would not take no for an answer. Beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Sales Representative.

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Well...Here's another genious who has to "sleep" on every decision he makes. He will call out 15 different companies to find the cheapest piece of ***.

It doesn't matter if it works just as long as it is cheap. He has probably been thinking about doing gutter protection for years and now he needs a full 24 hours to make a decision on something he expects to cost $500.00 or $1000.00. I can tell just by him saying WOW about the price. You call a salesman out to your and than get mad when he tries to earn your business or make his commision.

Do everyone a favor and go to Home Depot and spend the $100 it will take to put your cheap garbage gutter protection on yourself. Than in 6 months when you are up on a ladder pulling it off and crying about how they didn't work, do your research before you call companies out to your home and waste everyone else's time and money. Oh and stop calling the supervisor because he pressured you! He ignored you when you said you weren't buying?!?!

Big deal! GET OVER IT! You are the kind of guy that walks onto the lot of a Porsche dealer and expects to pay the price of an old Buick because "it's a car".

You get what you pay for. ***.


Haha! Who's the genius, "genious"?

Learn how to spell *** No wonder you're selling gutter systems...and apparently not very well. Priceless!


And here's another "genius" who apparently doesn't have a home or has never been in the position to purchase anything of high cost. Yes, "sleeping on it" is the best way to make a big purchase.

The problem starts with people like you (who don't have much common sense btw) who don't care about your own finances or others finances, causing debt issues.

"Sleeping on it" has saved my wife and I in numerous of situations particularly with redoing our kitchen. We ended up getting much more done and much nicer than if we went with the first, second or even third company to come out and give us the sales pitch with the "best sale WOW" approach.

And from what I've been reading from reviews all over the internet, we're not going Leaf Guard.



These are the type of salesman Leafguard hires PEOPLE!

They weasel into your home, make you think your house will fall down and rot away if you don't buy their gutters. Meanwhile these guys are taking thousands of your money and laughing at you as they drive away!

I know cause I've worked there. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!


Learn to spell, genius.

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