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I had a rep of Leaf Guard recently come out to my Pennsylvania home and after his BS — quoted me a price of over $4k !! Now, please understand I have an extremely small ranch house (2 x 24’ Straight Gutters already installed ) and needed another set of gutters to placed on my shed (2 x 20’) gutters.

He gave the quote of $4+I but would take off $300 if he placed a sign in the yard. So, after he gave me this quote, I told him this is ridiculous! He claims the larger companies would charge upward of $8k. Just to add salt to the wound, their product was being installed on “existing” gutters where they had no intention of replacing instead just using what was already there!!!!!!

. I told him no way and he followed up by calling to me and said I didn’t know the product and totally insulted me with names

Don’t purchase!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Ridiculously priced, over 3 times what the actual gutters cost. Very arrogant and overbearing sales rep.

They offer a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee. Right! If they are rude when trying to make the sale, imagine trying to get your money back or making your lifetime warranty good. It's never going to happen.

After the sales talk, Troy, the sales rep, quoted me the price. Then, he asked me if I was interested. I said "No, thank you, sir". He asked me: "How much did you think it was going to cost?" I told him I didn't know and that's why I asked for the free estimate.

He got up and left my house without saying another word, goodbye or thank you. Very rude.


Leafguard in Atlanta Ga. Is hoping to get $60 to $100 a running foot for their undersized flimsy gutter system.

If the HIGH PRESSURE salesman can't sucker you into buying the first price he throws out he will call his sales manager to double team you. They will drop the price again and again and again but you "MUST" buy that same day or the deal goes away. The end price is still way, way, way over priced.

It appears that the companies selling approach is to prey on the weak minded for massive profits. A quality focus company with integrity does not get this many bad reviews.


Lindus quoted me $12K