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LeafGuard gutters are completely inadequate for any high volume of water coming from roofs that come together in Vs. The worst thing is that they completely ignore requests to fix the problem. Perhaps because the don't have an answer or they just don't care once they have your money. The sales person is very good but the engineering and design to handle high volumes of water in storms or just plain heavy rains is completely lacking. The high... Read more

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Our leaf guard was installed in late 2012 or early 2013. The rain water was running over the outside of the gutter and hitting the side of our house. I was told by one of the workers that my house had settled and that they needed to put in another drop spout. Well I was told that they would come out on a Monday and I changed a appointment for that I had for that day so that I could have this done because we have been having a lot of rain. ... Read more

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Great sales pitch, but every time it rains we get a trench of rain because the fir needles have clogged the gutter. If you lived with a greater pitched roof and wasn't surrounded with Doug firs, it might work. Looks and works poorly. We have to blast it off every few months to get it to work. Sorry we fell for it. We wish it would disappear. I can't believe Costco sold it, too. Again, looks cool and apparently adds to the value of your house. I... Read more

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I had less then 200 ft. of gutter I wanted replaced on my home. As I'm a builder and sheet metal specialist by trade, I appreciated the mechanics behind the system. I already knew that replacing my 5k gutters to a Facia gutter would cost me around $900 to $1k charged by my local gutter company. After listening to the sales pitch from the leaf Guard rep, his estimate came in at $8000.00! Outrageous!!! I put plastic gutter screens on my... Read more

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I have the Leafguard product on noth my home and my vacation home in the mountains of North Carolina. I cant stress enough how completely opposite my experinces have been. Both dealerahipa have treated me with tye greatest of respect, have not only sold and installed the LaefGuard product but also fixed some minor issues I had with my wooden aiding and drainage pipes. I found the price and quality of product and workmanship to be equivilent. I... Read more

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Leaf guard gutters are fine. The installation crews ladders left scuff marks on my ceader siding. I talked to leaf guard and they never responded

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Leafguard came to our door on 8/9/16 soliciting their product and offered a free estimate. Thinking "why not" we set an appointment two days out and were thanked and told we would probably be called within the hour that day. We were never called and they didn't show for the appointment scheduled today (8/11/16). This company is touted highly in infomercials following our local news broadcasts but if they can't even show up or call when they... Read more

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We had these gutters installed 4 years ago for almost $4K on our small ranch. Seemed fine until winter hit (midatlantic). The gutter design produces ice damns (6-8 inch ice) sitting on the gutters and huge icicles (some as long as 2ft & 3in in diameter. As these melt, they refreeze below. If like us, you have a roof overhang with a stoop & walkway below, it becomes a total sheet of ice! We try to knock the icicles every day in the freezing... Read more

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Worse choice i ever made was getting these gutters, when it would rain it looked like a warerfall...if you have alot of trees in winter the squirels love these gutters becouse the can now make a nest in them and when you realize it, its too late they've already made holes in your roof and having a family in your attic. Much cheaper to keep your old gutters and pay someone to clean them out yearly. Read more

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I contacted the Leafguard for an estimate to replace my current seamless gutters on a 2 flat building with a pitch roof. Two days after scheduling an appointment, their service rep. canceled my appointment based on their inaccurate assessment of my roof. The company rep. also stated that because my home is close to the neighbor’s building. Really?!? The space is called a gangway which is very common in the City of Chicago. Do not understand why... Read more

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