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Never had ice jams or even icicles hanging from old gutter. Never had ice build up on concrete. Wish i never had them installed Add comment

Do not buy leaf guard gutters of Pittsburgh. They cause ice jams thus causing water back-up and roof damage and interior wall damage. I had ice jams, called company because of ice jams and they said I would lose no water with system for my cistern. They sent 2 guys with 2 by 4s and they banged the ice off my gutters causing damage to my gutters. They came 3 times and then wouldn't come... Read more

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The installation wasn't to my liking for a $3600 job and I told the installers to fix it, they did exactly as they wanted to, ignored me with a band-aid fix. Poor fit, poor drainage in the front and better fit in the back of the home. Big gaps between the downspout fitting and gutter on the front of the house, three inch gap between the top of the gutter and roof line above my front door, no... Read more

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my appointment was 1pm but when i called at 1:30 i was told the window was 1 to 1:45. at 2pm no show. there excuse was my confirmation call was not seen so the appointment was cancelled. why did the salesman no see that at 1:30? the only thing they could do is apologize and offer to reschedule. i do not think i want to do business with them. they wasted my time and i maybe would waste my money. Read more

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In 2013 I had Gutters, down spouts, and your covers put on my home. The reason I choose LeafGuard was because of its warranty and the assurance that I would never again have to deal with water run off problems. Early in 2015 I noticed water running off the gutters not into them, and I contacted the company in Seattle WA of the problem, they sent a technician to investigate. He found the... Read more

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Calling again for someone to clean out my "guaranteed not to clog" gutters. Then you find out they only have one technician available. Even the customer service person keeps stating this *** slogan "guaranteed not to clog" What a joke! These things will clog if you live near trees that have needles. If the gutter is not clogging up, the downspouts are clogging up, so badly that a screwdriver... Read more

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Tried to purchase two $1.70 leaftguard end caps because of the astronomical estimate (3 times the cost of Lowe's) for a small remodel job. I live approx. 50 miles from the nearest Englert dealer and he won't sell me the end caps unless he installs them. Called the corporate office to see if I could get some help. They said they would not sell directly to me. Can't get any of the Englert... Read more

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I was a manager an service technician at leafguard Pacific in the lower mainland for 7years before they left canada.I can assure you this product is fraudulent an has never worked. As well this company is extremely racist an prefers to hire whites to improve perception .I was told by my upper managers from Texas an Washington. (Pat Frank's an todd blinn) numerous times to lie to customers in... Read more

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We called them out because we noticed drips in various places after a rain so the water was not running through the gutters as expected. We assumed they were clogged even though they are not supposed to clog by design. They came out and told us that we had debris on the roof causing the water flow to bypass the gutters. We paid $350 for someone to come out and clear the roof and next rain we... Read more

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I called Englert Leaf Guard in New Jersey for an estimate. Here are some tips: 1. Be prepared for a hard sell. They very much want to get you to sign a contract the day they come instead of giving an estimate, and they're very good at that. Do your research in advance, because this product is not universally liked. 2. Watch out if you choose the financing option. On the contract I signed with... Read more

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