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The product itself works great. Over the years the gutter pulled away from the house and now water gets in behind the gutter and leaks out. Called cust.service twice and they said someone would contact me. One company from Pennsauken NJ said they would send someone out on Thursday. Sat around all day Thursday and nobody showed up. Not even a phone call. Called Customer service and they said someone would contact me within two days. Five days... Read more

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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be considering LEAF GUARG, the man was 30 minutes Late. When I asked him a question he would not answer it. I don't understand why, I guess they think everyone is either *** or crazy. Good luck anyone that wants to deal with this.This just happen on July22,2016 @6:00, that is when they was supposed to be hete.

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UPDATE! The gutters continue to overflow each time a heavy rain happens. After several weeks of calling and waiting the installing company did come out twice, one person the first time, three the second, to correct the problems. The drip edge was replaced, the gutters were taken down and re-hung. I was assured the overflowing issue was taken care of. A recent heavy rain proved otherwise. Called Leafguard and asked for help but heard nothing... Read more

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Complaint only applies to the sales approach. I have no experience with the actual product, nor do I have any reason to doubt that the product may perform as advertised. We asked LeafGuard to come out to our house for the purpose of offering an estimate. Representative was nice and professional and commenced making measurements and evaluations. When he was done, he came in and began his presentation. I informed him early on that I was not... Read more

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I was informed by the main office of Englert LeafGuard Gutters that I would receive a courtesy phone call from the delivery person prior to the delivery of the gutters arriving at my home. I never received a courtesy phone call. When the installers arrived early in the morning, as scheduled, they already knew that the gutters were inside the gate of my back yard. I was totally unaware that the gutters had already arrived the day before, which... Read more

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I had an excellent salesman sell me new gutters for my older home. The estimate was for $2200.00. The estimate was written to not include the garage, as all but one section was still good. I was told that would not be a problem to do.The old gutters were copper. The installer wanted to sell the material himself and when I said he did not even have to remove any materials, he said they were his. I corrected him and he was mad. He then told me... Read more

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I saw thread on TV and called. A rep came to my house and wasted 90 mins of my time to tell me it was going to cost $7900 for 118 linear feet of gutters, alum fascia, etc. I almost choked. All other quotes were $650-750 depending on 5" or 6"! I told the guy he was crazy, then he started called a mgr for special pricing. He finally left after his spl pricing was $6900. This is crazy...trying to get someone to *** on this ridiculous product. Read more

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paint bubbling & totaly gone in places they look awfull. co said it was just faded & did not cover that. these gutters cost at least 3 times more than standard do. there promeses were awsome but in actuality they do not stand behind there product at all. leafgaurd must have left area since i have not seen them advertise & also they used to sell at costco which i have not seen them there in a long time. for the price & promises i believe this... Read more

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I'm a Chicago resident. On June 2, 2016, I called to get a free estimate from Leafguard. Once we set the appointment, an hour later I received a call from the company and the rep tells me they have to cancel my appointment. Get this, they say my property is not compatible with their gutters, but the most rediculous comment was, "Uh, the properties are close to one another." Well, no kidding? Most homes in chicago are, genius. Further, the rep.... Read more

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Leafguard managed to "***" my wife into repairing a 10' section of guttering on our house where we had a leak. They took advantage of her lack of knowledge and the fact they talked with her without my presence and input. Essentially, they put up a single section of gutter with a few clips then had her verify the work using her cell phone. She found out they had billed her through an account with Wells Fargo which they set up for her and the... Read more

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